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About the site

The site is based on the Naruto anime/manga created by Masashi Kishimoto and the Bleach anime/manga created by Tite Kubo. It currently has over 1,000 members. Tmen1, Emperor Knives and Ahxakri Kiaxsou and Shinzui are the admins. Jpg also comes on periodically and is made temporary admin to help improve the site.

The site is now named "Soul Shuriken" due to the inclusion of a Bleach RPG section in the forum and new changes that were implemented.

Last updated: 2/13/08

People in Charge


  • Tmen1
  • Emperor Knives
  • Shinzui Tenshu
  • Saikage Ahxakri Kiaxsou

Super Moderators:

  • Achi
  • Jukan Hirokutora


  • Jukan Hirokutora
  • Daikage Senjou Imani
  • Plywood
  • Monarch

GFX team

  • iph03n1x


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Website URL

Soul Shuriken Role Playing Board [1]

Soul Shuriken Anime Discussion and Media Board [2]

I. Basic Information:

  • Name: What your character's full name.
  • Nickname: Something that signifies what your character is known as.
  • Gender: Male, Female, if human. Do not be both, if you are a different race you can be undecided.
  • Age: How old your character is, the older he/she is, the more biography we expect, this is to prevent people being hundreds of years old.
  • Race: You may be anything, as long as the race does not godmod.
  • Main Chakra Elements(s): Fire, Water, Lightning, Wind, and Earth. It cannot be more than two.
  • Birth/Created: When you were born or created.
  • Height: How tall or short your character is.
  • Weight: How heavy or light your character is.
  • Blood Type: What type of blood type your character has.
  • Occupation: The job your character has. (Medical Ninja, Combat Ninja, Merchant Ninja, Tactical Ninja, Assassin, Anbu, Hunter Ninja.)
  • Specialties: What your specialty is, you may only have 1 specialty. If you aren't any, then you are below average in all. (Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Puppeteer, Summoner and Doujutsu.)
  • Weakness: Your weakness depends on your speccialty.
  • Status: This tell how strong your character is, as in rank in an organization.
  • Personality: How your character acts, what type of people they connect with and whatnot.
  • Appearance: What your character looks like, a picture will suffice.

II. Game Information:

  • Level: What level he/she is.
  • Experience: This starts at 50, and goes up by 50 every 5 levels.
  • Rank: Genin, Chunnin, Jounin, etc. You start at Academy Student.
  • Weapons: This is what your main weapon is, if it has any special powers, must be accepted.
  • Clan: What clan you're in, if you have one.
  • Bloodline Limit: What your bloodline limit is, if you have one.
  • Village: What village you are currently living in.
  • Organization: If you're in an organization, put it here.

III. Alliances Gauges:

  • Good or Evil: Overall, good, evil or neutral.
  • Ketseuki Gauge: How loyal you are to Ketseuki.
  • Judgement Gauge: How loyal you are to Judgement.
  • Denketeki Joufu Gauge: How loyal you are to Denketeki Joufu.
  • Akatsuki Gauge: How loyal you are to Akatsuki.
  • Other Gauge: How loyal you are to any other village or association.

IV. Organization Item Appearances:

  • If you're in an organization, and have any special items that are given to members, put them here.

V. Biography/History:

  • Past Day (2002-2007)
  • Anything that has significantly happened to persuade your character, post here. This is just their background of their life, from the time they were born up until the age they are now.
  • Present Day (2007 & Beyond)
  • This is just a brief history of what has happened since you started RP'ing, any acheivements or fights, in the RPG should be posted in this section.

VI. Statistics, Gold, and EXP

  • Strength: This determines your taijutsu damage. If your strength overpowers the opponents defense, you can take great damage.
  • Defense: This determines your taijutsu defense. If your defense overpowers the opponents strength, you can defend against major damage.
  • Intelligence: This determines your genjutsu damage. If your intelligence overpowers your mind defense, then you can cast genjutsu over them easily.
  • Mind Defense: This determines your genjutsu defense. If your mind defense overpowers the opponent's intelligent, you can defend against genjutsu easily.
  • Chakra Strength: This determines your ninjutsu damage. If your chakra strength overpowers the opponent's chakra defense, then you can cast great damage with ninjutsu techniques.
  • Chakra Defense: This determines your ninjutsu defense. If your chakra defense overpowers the opponent's chakra strength, then you can defend against ninjuts techniques.
  • Speed: This tells how fast your character is. Provides how fast he can preform handseals for jutsus and how fast he can go in taijutsu base battles.
  • Health: This determines how much health your character has and how much damage he can take before he dies.
  • Chakra: This determines how much chakra your character has and how much chakra he can use up before not being able to use jutsus.
  • Gold: You start with 1,000 gold.
  • The first 7 stats you will start with 35 points to distribute between them, and every level you can distribute 4 points.
  • For Health and Chakra, you start with 30 points to distribute between Health and Chakra and then every level you gain 50 more points to distribute.

VII. Puppets/Weapons:

  • This is where any and all weapons will be posted, they should be described, and tell any effects they may have.
  • Name:
  • Effect:
  • Description:

VIII. Jutsus

  • Try to make them stick to your level. The higher your level is, the higher rank jutsus you can make and perform.
  • Start out with 3 moves and get a move every 2 levels, you can gain a new move.
  • Levels 1-10: D Rank
  • Levels 11-20: C Rank
  • Levels 21-30: B Rank
  • Levels 31-50: A Rank
  • Levels 50 & Higher: S Rank
  • D Rank - 2 failed attempts.
  • C Rank - 4 failed attempts.
  • B Rank - 6 failed attempts.
  • A Rank - 8 failed attempts.
  • S Rank - 10 failed attempts.

Other Character profiles

  • You may have secondary characters/pets in your template topic as well, just to save you and us some space.


  • Medical Ninja - Ninjas who specialize in healing, they have high strength to make up for their inability to learn combative jutsus.
  • ANBU - Special unit that does behind the scene work in villages, all of the people in ANBU are unknown.
  • Hunter Ninja - A sub-division of ANBU that specializes in tracking down missing ninjas.
  • Merchants - These ninjas sell, rare goods. Not only that make and sell some of the most powerful weapons in the shinobi world.
  • Assassins - Usually missing ninjas. These ninjas can be hired to kill people without leaving a trace. They can be used to do other such misdeeds.
  • Tactical Ninja - These ninjas specialize in thinking strategies. They are usually the leaders, and plan tactics for battles.
  • Combat Ninja - These ninjas are the most common of them all, they are regular ninjas, that use combat ninjas.
  • Notes: Medical Ninjas can only use medical techniques. Merchants are the only ones allowed to sell things to ninjas. Combat Ninjas can use most any jutsu and have no specialty, they are able to use all averagely. Assassins are the only ones allowed to be hired for assassinations.
  • Academy Students - No Job
  • Genins - 1 Job
  • Chunnins - 1 Job
  • Jounins- 2 Jobs
  • Sannins - 2 Jobs
  • Kages - 3 Jobs

Element Specialty

  • This is chosen by your main chakra type, you can have a secondary chakra type or just a dominant one
  • The ones with 2 chakra affinity are versatile at both elements, 1 chakra affinity have better control over 1 affinity than another ninja with 2 affinities.
  • The type of chakra determines your moves, you can't have moves that use opposite or different affinities.
  • A clan's move can oppose to your chakra affinity, meaning if your affinity is water, and your clan's Uchiha with the affinity of fire, you may use both.
  • A opposing element move can't be used if its not a clan move


  • Chunnin - Kashim
  • Genin - Evil-Overlord/Dark Genius
  • Genin - Shadow42
  • Genin - Shiny(Dakota)
  • Genin - Seth Uchiha
  • Chunnin - Seji
  • Genin - Nira Uchiha
  • Genin - Hyukage Senjou Imani
  • Genin - Drake
  • Genin - Drint


  • Emperor Knives
  • Sonama Uchiha
  • Zer
  • Rips Raps (inactive)
  • Tima
  • Aura_of_Darkness
  • the_dead_lives(Franz)
  • Jukan Hirokotuna
  • Hakari Hyuchiha/Ahxakri Kiaxsou
  • Zenryuko Yuzikou(Tenchu Ukiyo)
  • Achi


  • Sakrien
  • Kokopuffs591(Also Kage of Hidden Time)


  • Danny110220
  • Kaiser Ryu Zer
  • Sonama Uchiha

NOTE: Some of these users are still active.

Konoha's Side

  • Tmen1
  • Avin
  • Seratu

Akatsuki's Side

  • Senjou Imani (Ketseuki Spy)

Orochimaru's Side

  • Emperor Knives
  • Aura_of_Darkness
  • Franz
  • Kinker
  • Winkatuck

Team Ketseuki

  • Organization: Ketseuki (Ket-Su-Eck-Ee)
  • Location of Main Hideout: Seimeigakure (Unknown to non-members)
  • Location of Sub-Hideout(s): Konohagakure, Sunagakure, Otogakure, Kirigakure, Kumogakure, Iwagakure, Amegakure, Yukigakure Outskirts. (Unknown to non-members)
  • Meaning of Name: Blood, this name was chosen due to the fact that the Ketseuki organization only accepts the best of the best and one person from each clan or bloodline.
  • History: Ketseuki, this group is one of the most low-laying groups that has yet to be discovered and known entirely about. Only a select few are in the group the exact number of members has yet to be even considered rather than figured out. Only thing known about the group that is significant is they all their own special bloodline or signature clan abilities. Each of the ninja in the group have no record at all, it is said they aren’t even in the bingo book. One common understanding is that they are allied with “The Village Hidden in the Clouds”, although this has never been proven. What makes these ninja so hard to find is the fact that they carry headbands from every village allowing them to blend in no matter where they are caught, however there are ‘sources’ that say each of them carry a “Cloud Village” headband with a mark through it signifying that they blend in with missing-nin also. The reason people think they are allied with “The Village Hidden in the Clouds”, is because rumors have arose that they carry their original headbands behind them dragging from their pants, this is the “The Village Hidden in the Clouds” headband. This group is very dangerous due to their level of camouflage, and their level of power. It is said that each member of the group complement each others powers which means they can amplify their power more than ten fold when working together. The only reason this group is not known is because every ninja they have fought has yet to live to tell the tale, however they leave a special mark on the body, which is said to be the true mark on their headbands. The words S.K. are, what seems to be, burned into their body, and when the ninja are found absolutely no weapons are found on them and their chakra has been entirely wiped out leaving them at zero chakra which implies that they steal the jutsu of the ones they kill. The most intriguing thing about this group is that it seems to be ‘neutral’. They have yet to target a village directly instead they only attack high-ranking ninja. Another thing is that they do not limit their incentive on ‘good’ people there have been countless missing-nin found executed. Even S-rank ninja in the bingo book have been found destroyed by the group. This group may be small now but they may become the biggest threat we have ever faced.
  • Signature Symbol: The organization symbol is black fingerless glove made of metalloid, paper version for hard to break glove, but at the same time create mobility of the hands, created by Ahxakri, with a gem (Sapphire, Ruby, Amber, Emerald, etc.) on it of any choice color that best fits your clan, along with that the first or first two letters of the clan name in black in Japanese letters.
  • Member Requirements:
  • 1. Level: 10 (For now)
  • 2. Rank: Genin (For now)
  • 3. Test: If all 10 slots have been filled, you must beat at least one of the members.
  • Goals:
  • 1. Conquer the world.
  • 2. Destroy every human alive on Earth (But themselves), then the Earth itself.
  • 3. Recreate the world in their vision.
  • Allies & Enemies: (All enemies and allies will be RP'ed out.)
  • Enemies
  • 1. Akatsuki
  • 2. Konohagakure
  • 3.
  • Allies
  • 1. Seimeigakure
  • 2. Sound
  • 3.
  • Other Information:

This group like Akatsuki travels in pairs to make 5 groups total of the group, making 10 members. Ahxakri is the main leader of the group making Tima second in command since she is his partner. His contacts when in make his eyes pitch black, and most people think he's an alien or some advanced form of a human.

  • Items/Inventory:
  • 1. Custom Gem Colored Signature Black Gloves
  • 2. Silicon Micro Ear Piece.
  • 3. Chakra Sensing Contact Lens
  • Leader(s)
  • Ahxakri (Kiaxsou: Chakra Sensing Lens/Black Gem)
  • Tima (Baion Touza: Silver Gem)
  • Members:
  • 1. Zenryuko (Daiyamondo: White Gem)
  • 2. Nero (Uchiha: Blue Gem)
  • 3. Jukan (Hirokutora: Red Gem)
  • 4. Senjou (Hyuuga: Green Gem)
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • Dead/Retired/Former Members:
  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • Ketseuki Teams:
  • Team Harmonix: Ahxakri & Tima
  • Team 2: Jukan & Nero
  • Team 3: Zenryuko & Senjou
  • Team 4:
  • Team 5:

Team Judgement

  • Organization: Team Judgement
  • Location of Main Hideout: None; We do what we do to survive
  • Member Requirements: N/A; No more members aloud.
  • Goals: Team Judgement has taken it upon themselves to cleanse the five shinobi villages to what they 'should' be. Their goal is to create a mass take over that in turn will regulate the villages, and bring them together under the power of one final power. Strangely there are only two main members however they may have lackeys to do their 'dirty' work. They have quickly assembled, and plan to take action IMMEDIATELY. The day of judgement is upon you.
  • Allies & Enemies:
  • Enemies
  • 1. Everyone
  • Allies
  • 1. No one

  • Items/Inventory:
  • 1. Chakra Sensing Lenses
  • -Change colors depending on the situation your ally is in
  • --Red- In Danger
  • --Blue- Should be fine


  • Shinzui Tenshu
  • The Second Sasori
  • Plywood
  • (NPC's may be made not sure yet)


  • Organization: Shuujuku
  • Location of Main Hideout: In the Rock country
  • Location of Sub-Hideout(s): Enertueru, Kirigakure, Kahona
  • Meaning of Name: Skilled,Veteran
  • Signature Symbol: sym.jpg
  • Member Requirements-
  • Have to be a skilled rper, A veteran member(not old but just not foreign to the forum), Other then that of any village, affiliation, Rank, Lvl, good bad, or neutral. Dun care just good fighters
  • Goals: To be the best squad on the forum
  • Allies & Enemies: (Required, if all enemies and allies are not RP'ed out.)
  • Enemies
  • 1. All hostile living organisms(so non living ones to lol)
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • Allies
  • 1. All friendly, Xenia living organisms
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • Other Information-

This squads main goal and focus to be the top of the top strongest of the strongest ninja. Not world domination nor global peace just striving to be known and recognized as the best. You don't have to leave a current group to be in this one nor another organization but just wear a symbol or mark stating you are the best. CHA!!!

  • Items/Inventory: Advanced technology capabilities
  • Members:
  • 1. Team member-
  • Daisuke
  • 2.Team Member-
  • Senjou(if wants in)
  • 3. Team Member-
  • Bob
  • 4. Team Member-
  • Open
  • 5. Team Member-
  • Open

Outlaw Team

  • Requirements:
  • Outlaw
  • Alignment any
  • To know each other in RP
  • 4th member Must be Medical Ninja
  • 3rd member must be tactical nin
  • Goals: Steal away missions from Villages (Meaning we may ask to enter into a current mission to steal the goal)
  • Sensei: None
  • Members:
    1. 1 Azkrat Aertfar
    2. 2
    3. 3 Daisuke
    4. 4 Tsurugi

Missing ninjas

  • Zer
  • Tima
  • Emperor Knives
  • Aura_of_Darkness
  • Franz
  • Tenchu
  • Senjou Imani

Top players

  • Ahxakri Kiaxsou
  • Shinzui Tenshi
  • Mordachai Uchiha
  • Nero
  • Tima
  • Jukan Hirokutora
  • Drake
  • Zer
  • Senjou

Main Personal Clans

  • Kiaxsou Clan (Control of Life-Forces)
  • Elemental clan(Control of Elements)

Lesser Clans

  • Miyuki Clan (Power over Cats)
  • Byaringan (Special Eye Technique)
  • Baion Touza (Control of Sound)
  • Daiyamondo (Control of Precious Stones)

Clan Leaders

  • Ahxakri Kiaxsou (Kiaxsou Clan)
  • Nasuke (Byaringan)
  • Zenryuko (Daiyamondo Clan)
  • Tima (Baion Touza Clan)
  • Jukan Hirokutora (Elemental Clan)

Mission's Ranks

  • S Ranked
  • The Hardest Mission, not recomended for academy students-genins
  • A Ranked
  • Not recomended for academy students, for genins warning
  • B Ranked
  • Not recomended for academy students
  • C Ranked
  • All ranks can join, but warning for the lower ranks
  • D Ranked
  • The easiest of all missions

History of the Forum

Soul Shuriken:A Brief History

Naruto-Kun Days Soul Shuriken started out as a small thread at in early 2006. Back then it was simply called “NarutoRPG”. Tmen1’s first member was Danny110220. At first Danny wanted to take down “NarutoRPG” since he was originally part of the already established RP thread of another Naruto-Kun member. Eventually though, Danny110220 decided to help out Tmen with his new RP thread. Slowly, new members started joining. Kokopuffs591 and Kakashi129 (Zadion/Sakrien) joined the game and quickly became active posters. Two weeks later Emperor Knives, joined the game and became its first Hidden Sound ninja. These members stayed loyal to the game and eventually, NarutoRPG became the top RP thread at Naruto-Kun. A few other members showed up like babybop11 (Tima), Aura of Darkness (Hitam) and Haunted (Zeth/Doomed). After a few more weeks, Tmen decided it was time to start a forum for the game.

The Early Days of the forum

The NarutoRPG forum was created in March of the same year. The growth of the forum was slow; there were only a handful of active members. Most of them were from the RP thread in Naruto-Kun. Most of these loyal members were promoted to the rank of “moderator” and because of their help; the site was able to stay alive.


A few weeks later the forum faced tough competition in the form of Rain Ninja’s RP site. Many of the forum’s active members left. Only a few stayed. The forum struggled to stay alive during this period. It eventually overcame the competition, thanks to the leadership of Tmen1.

Second Generation

Within the next few months, a lot of new members arrived. These members became part of what was known as the Second generation. A good number of the second generation members were promoted to the rank of Jounin. They, along with some of the first generation members helped sustain the activity of the site through their various missions and training sessions.

Late 2006

Near the end of 2006, the forum experienced tough times once again. Forum activity was low and there was a serious lack of Jounins and moderators. Again, the forum managed to stay alive. At the end of that year, the first NarutoRPG Awards Voting was held, with Emperor Knives receiving the highest award (Ninja of the Year) at the end of the voting period. A new user rank called “Legend” was also added to give honor to the users who contributed to or achieved something great on the site.

Soul Shuriken

2007 started out well for the NarutoRPG forum. It saw the arrival of the new generation of ninjas and users who immediately made themselves known. Then in April of that year, Emperor Knives was promoted to the rank of Administrator. This was a transition period for the site. Big changes occurred during this time. At the end of the month, the forum’s name was officially changed to “Soul Shuriken” because of the arrival of the addition of the Bleach RPG. At present, Soul Shuriken continues to grow stronger and stronger with 500+ members and counting.

Growth of Bleach

Once again the forum experience its tough times. Again forum activity was low and there was a serious lack of Jounins and moderators. Naruto RPG's activity continues to decline while the Bleach RPG continues to grow. Thanks to the Bleach RPG the forum once again is saved from its near dying.

The Third Administrator

Tmen1 and Emperor Knives have been busy and it contributed to the continuing decline of the forum. So most members now are requesting Tmen1 and Emperor Knives to choose a new administrator but Tmen1 and Emperor Knives refuses to choose a new. But members continue to demand that they need a new administrator which they usually call "The American Admin Movement" Another reason they are demanding for an American Admin is because of the time zone conflict. Tmen1 finally give up and decided to choose a Third Admin through the Admin Exams which is composed of three parts well the exams are left unfinished. After all these happenings it was just decided that to do it through polls which Kaiser Ryu Zer won.

Kaiser Ryu Zer Administration

Zer is one of the best role player and one of the most mature user in Soul Shuriken so he defenitely deserve the job. Under his administration Naruto RPG went through many changes actually it was restarted during his administration. A major clean up was made in the whole forum allot has change in the Naruto RPG system and this changes brought good results. Again the Naruto RPG activity becomes active again. Thanks to the leadership of Zer and active participation of Soul Shuriken's members.

Yet Even More Administrator Business

Though Zer had changed the Naruto RPG a lot, people still complained about the flaws in his system. And added suggestions to help out with it. They continue to build up with no answer and once again the Naruto RPG went into chaos and inactivness. With Knives gone as well for awhile, we needed an American admin for Bleach as well now too. This came about the time Tmen finally looked around while on break to find Zer had abandoned us and left the forum. Thus came about the two newest and youngest admins. Shinzui and Ahxakri, though they were younger, they both had excellent ideas for the forum and were two active members, also both previously super moderators. As they came in Zer was demodded back to a regular member. The two admins worked on organizing on story plots for the two RPG's. After that Ahxakri quickly put up polls for everything that needed to be dealt with in complaints and in no time the Naruto RPG was up off the ground. As of now a storyline is up and going and RP'ing is going throughout that part. As for the Bleach part, which wasn't as screwed up, Shinzui did the same as Ahxakri. And made a storyline with some help from Knives. Along with improving other systems.

The Variety of the Forum

There are many things going on in the forum besides the regular roleplaying, missions, fighting, ect.

  • A lot of anime discussion threads, including those for which are not yet on American television yet.
  • End of the year awards -- titles given to people with a personality of a certain character, or are known for being a certain way, or are known for helping the site in a particular way.
  • There is a mini RPG thread for any additional RPGs(these RPGs may only take up one thread).
  • A sig request section, and a few members who do make great sigs.
  • The ability to create your own clan as you would want it if you do not like any clans from the show or clans currently available(you must be level 35 to create a clan).
  • Custom NPC(non-playable character) section for the jounins and moderators to make for their missions.
  • An events section for special awards.
  • A suggestion section for anybody to post ideas for what they want on the forum.

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