Known Runs


  • Protect a summoner from assassination by the dreaded assassin Crimson Mist.
  • Rescue a strange mage from the confine of an underground complex. (P-Magic)


  • Space station run
  • Antarctica run


  • Steal Dragonfly suits from ? on way to ?
  • "Scan" N. Bowditch U for radiation/find comet fragment
  • Clean out terrorists at N. Bowditch/ Provide cover for fragment retrieval
  • Attacked by owners of Dragonfly suits


  • Release "gas" into sporting event


  • Steal unedited tapes of Holly Brighton's interviews with Dunkelzahn from New Horizon, her studio company.
  • Find Coinspinner and learn what he's been doing for Ares. He was working with Jace, a dragon trying to get onto the net. He got there just before Crash 2.0, and the new wireless tech was more than he could handle so he left.
  • Assassinate Thadeus Something-pretentious-and-elfy, an advisor to the Tir that was meeting with the Ancients in Redmond.
  • Recover cargo from pirates in the Indian Ocean. The cargo contained a comet fragment, and gave a vision of a dragon touching it and surging, becoming a sea serpent; Metas being mutated into horrible creatures; a firey ball in space; and Apocalyptic images of a scorched Earth.
  • After Aztechnology forces kill Coinspinner, find Jace, who appeared to be working with Aztechnology, and either convince him to stop working for them or eliminate him. Turns out he was being held, but they did manage to get him onto the wireless matrix, making him a triple-natured creature. He was freed and the Aztechnology facility lost most (53 of 75 or so) of its personnel, who were mostly security (the company was a shell, masquerading as a software company).



  • Track down missing person/ Find Manhattan delta clinic
  • Steal "coah" from Denver / return box to Manhattan

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