Eight Shields Organization Model:About the South

Art of Community Core Leadership Team

OPEN speaks for the South for FIC Art of Commnity NW Event.

Top Priorities

  1. South Priority 1: Identify the speaker for the South
  2. South Priority 2: To be determined by speaker for the South

Note from Syd Fredrickson:

Syd Fredrickson has proposed being core team rep. for the South. Syd says: By May & June 2006, many of the tasks of the East will slow down for a while until the event occurs. However, the production of print materials (and design of process for online versions) for marketing, sponsor packets, and then registration go hand-in-hand with roles I would play in representing the East. In the period of time from May to Sept, my primary attention would be following up with correspondence and obligations to major sponsors, representing AoC with a face at in-person presentations, continuing to do outreach with a focus on advance registration, once marketing materials are produced and initial appeals for sponsorship have been made. Also, I would see that the AoC contract is fulfilled with our site hosts, and local laws observed about fire codes, capacity, permits, etc. I believe that at least two other people should be signors for checks/making deposits to a local bank account for AoC and tracking the money. However, I would initiate an accounting system as initial sponsorship money and donations come in and would be willing to open an account to begin charging materials expenses as will be needed within the next month or two. If there is anyone else who is interested to coordinate aspects of on-site logistics to include instructions/plans/signage and support to exhibitors, presentors, room monitors, registration flow and space use, staff/volunteers and possible vendors, we certainly can use assistance on this team. If there is someone who wishes to share leadership or take on the lead role here, please don't be shy about coming forward. I will be a placeholder unless or until there is someone else who may take over. -SF

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