South-Eastern Pacification Wars
Date Winter 1864 CE - Ongoing
Place Honshu, Japan
Result Destruction of the Utsunomiya clan, expansion of Aizu forces into south-eastern Honshu
  • 500px-Utsunomiya Tochigi chapter.svg
    Toda Sanemitsu
  • 500px-Utsunomiya Tochigi chapter.svg
    Imagawa Kageshige

c.400 at the onset of the campaign

c. 900 (Utsunomiya)

530 857 (Utsunomiya)
South-Eastern Pacification Wars
Yaita - Tochigo

After Emperor Kōmei issued the Order to expel barbarians, tensions in Japan between Shogunate and Imperial forces began to boil over into all out conflict. Amongst the first to make a move was the Aizu clan, who, under the young Daimyo Matsudaira Katamori, sought to expand their domain. War was declared against the Imperial Utsunomiya clan in the winter of 1864.

The first battle was fought at Yaita, where the Aizu general Yamakawa Hiroshi bested an Utsunomiya army sent out to defeat him. That spring he moved on the Utsunomiya stronghold of Tochigo, eventually taking it in a bloody siege. This marked the end of Utsunomiya power in the region and also drew the support of the Shogun for the Aizu clan.

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