Eight Shields Organization Model:About the South East

Art of Community Core Leadership Team

B. speaks for the South East for FIC Art of Commnity NW Event.

Top Priorities

  1. Examine possibilities for creating a stonger network between existing ICs in the NW with each other and NICA
    1. Mutual Aide Network
    2. Inter-IC Labor/Skill resource list
    3. Worktrades/Labor Exchanges
  2. Adopting into the network new ICs/cooperatives/collectives that have slipped under the IC radar.
  3. Examine the prospect of creating a stronger network of Worker Cooperatives in the NW.
    1. What is the connection between the Worker Cooperative/Collective movement and ICs?
  4. Explore ways the IC Movement can attract involvment by younger individuals, especially 20-somethings.

Craig: My hope is that this event is forward-looking. That it builds something special that has some lasting impact for many of the people who engage with it.

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