South Fifth Avenue is one of the most used streets in the South Side of Highland Park, New Jersey.[1] It has a number of important buildings on it including an access to Stop & Shop, the police station, fire station, Sanitation (after it becomes a dirt path), Borough Hall and Bartle Elementary School. The road begins after North Fifth Avenue crosses Raritan Avenue into the South Side of Highland Park, thus becoming South Fifth Avenue. The first you come upon is Magnolia Street also known as Rosa Parks Way.[1] Continue south passing Benner Street and enter the buisness area of South Fifth Avenue. To your right is the fire and police stations, and your left is Borough Hall (220 South 5th). Ahead is Bartle Elementary School at the corner of Mansfield Avenue.[1]

The road starts changing elevation, passing the third section of Donaldson Street, Graham Avenue section 1, becoming a long slope and terminating into a dirt path at Valentine Street and the Nature Walk. The dirt path takes you to the Sanitation Department outside of Donaldson Park.[1]


South Fifth Avenue existed prior to 1888.[2]


Intersection # Street [1]
Begin South Fifth Avenue
1 Raritan Avenue
2 Magnolia Street
3 Benner Street
4 Mansfield Street
5 Graham Street
6 Donaldson Street (2)
7 Valentine Street
End South Fifth Avenue

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