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YouTube January 31, 2012


  • Emily (from TTTE) as Kimberly Corman
  • Henry (from TTTE) as Thomas Burke
  • Heidi Turner as Clear Rivers
  • Chris Griffin (from Family Guy) as Rory Peters
  • Hayley Smith (from American Dad) as Kat Jennings
  • Kyle Broflovski as Eugene Dix
  • Lisa Simpsons (from The Simpsons) as Nora Carpenter
  • Bart Simpsons (from The Simpsons) as Tim Carpenter
  • Gordon (from TTTE) as William Bludworth
  • Percy (from TTTE) as Evan Lewis
  • Liane Cartman as Isabella Hudson
  • Gwen (from Ben 10) as Shaina McKlank
  • Thomas (from TTTE) as Brian Gibbons
  • Linda Stotch as Mrs. Gibbons
  • Stephen Stotch as Peter Gibbons
  • Satan as Death

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