Casts for each parody aren't alway the same. But, some are mostly like Stan as Marlin, Kenny as Nemo and Wendy as Dory. Here's a list


  • Marlin - Stan/Kenny/Mr. Marsh/Mr. Cornick/Chef/Tweak Tweek/Mr. Brofloski/Craig/Jimmy/Timmy/Terence/Phillip/Kyle/Murdoc (from Gorillaz)
  • Nemo - Kenny/Tod (from Fox and the Hound)/Stan/Jimmy/Timmy/Terence/Phillip/Yoshi (from Mario)/Copper (from Fox and the Hound)/Mr. Marsh/Chef/Mr. Brofloski/Tweek Tweak/Craig/Mr. Cornick/Murdoc (from Gorillaz)

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