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HTF South Park

Stan, Wendy, Butters, Craig, Jessie, Dog Poo, Tweek, Leroy, Clyde, Ike, Heidi, Francis, Kyle, Gary, Bill, Fosse, Gordon, Timmy, Eric and Kenny


Stan Marsh as Cuddles

Wendy Testaburger as Giggles

Butters as Toothy

Craig as Lumpy

Jessie Dunskin as Petunia

Dog Poo as Handy

Tweek as Nutty

Leroy as Sniffles

Clyde as Pop

Ike McCormick as Cub

Heidi as Flaky

Francis (Lockie) as The Mole

Kyle as Disco Bear

Gary Harrison as Russell

Bill and Fosse as Shifty and Lifty

Gordon Stolski as Mime

Timmy as Cro-Marmot

Eric Cartman as Flippy

Kenny as Splendid

Tammy as Lammy

Damien as Truffles

Randy Marsh as Mr. Pickels

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