• Stan as Jimmy Neutron
  • Kyle as Carl Wheezer
  • Kenny as Sheen Esteveez
  • Wendy as Cindy Vortex
  • Bebe as Elke Elkberg
  • Tammy Warner as Libby Folfax
  • Gregory as Eustace Strych
  • Cartman as Butch
  • Butters as Nick Dean
  • Scott Tenorman as Blix Strych
  • Bart (From The Simpsons) as Timmy Turner
  • Satan as King Goobot
  • Saddam Hussein as Ooblar
  • Randy Marsh as Jimmy's Dad
  • Sharon Marsh as Jimmy's Mom
  • Gerald Broflovski as Carl's Dad
  • Shelia Broflovski as Carl's Mom
  • Chef as Eustace's Dad
  • Stuart McCormick as Sheen's Dad
  • Carol McCormick as Sheen's Mom
  • Shelly Marsh as Beautiful Gorgeous
  • Damien Thorn as Professor Calamitous

Version 2

  • Randy Marsh as Jimmy
  • Gerald Broflovski as Carl
  • Stuart McCormick as Sheen
  • Sharon Marsh as Cindy
  • Carol McCormick as Libby
  • Mrs. Testaburger as Betty
  • Skeeter as Timmy
  • Jimbo as Chester
  • Mr. Stevens as A.J.
  • Sheila Broflovski as Elke
  • Mrs. Faulk as Nissa
  • Jimbo Kern as Terry
  • Chris Stotch as Butch
  • Mr. Testaburger as Nick
  • Stan Marsh as Jimmy's Dad
  • Wendy Testaburger as Jimmy's Mom
  • Kyle Broflovski as Carl's Dad
  • Bebe Stevens as Carl's Mom
  • Kenny McCormick as Sheen's Dad
  • Tammy Warner as Sheen's Mom
  • Butters Stotch as Cindy's Dad
  • Sally Darson as Cindy's Mon
  • Eric Cartman as Libby's Dad
  • Heidi Turner as Libby's Mom
  • Annie Faulk as Mrs. Fowl
  • Token Black as Principal Willoughby
  • Sparky Marsh as Goddard
  • Tweek's Dad as Jet Fusion
  • Liane Cartman as Gorgeous
  • Token's Dad as Calamitous

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