• Wendy Testaburger as Maya
  • Stan Marsh as Willy
  • Kyle Broflovski as Sting
  • Eric Cartman as Flip
  • Chef McEloy as Kurt
  • Tammy Warner as Ben
  • Kelly as Lara
  • Clyde Donovan as Shelby
  • Bebe Stevens as Barry
  • Liane Cartman as Beatrice
  • Kelly as Max
  • Ike Broflovski as Philibert
  • Randy Marsh as Paul
  • Terrance as Arnie
  • Phillip as Barney
  • Jimbo Kern as Henry
  • Shelly Marsh as Thekla
  • Officer Barbrady as Momo
  • Butters Stotch as Edgar
  • Ned Gerblansky as Vesper
  • Jesus Christ as Sink
  • Jenny Simon as Syrphie
  • Shelia Broflovski as The Queen
  • Gerald Broflovski as Judge Beeswax
  • Sharon Marsh as Miss Cassandra
  • American Soldiers as Bee Soldiers
  • Mr. Garrison as Chris
  • Principal Victoria as Lila
  • Craig Tucker as Rudy
  • Mr. Adler as Stag
  • Tuong Lu Kim as Pat
  • Grandma Marsh as Molly
  • Mr. Mackey as Grandad Gragonfly
  • Sparky Marsh as Baby Blue-Bird
  • Mrs. Crabtree as Buzzlina Von Beena
  • Mr. Hankey as Crawley
  • Romper Stomper as Hank (both were villain first, later turning good)
  • Canadian Soldiers as Hornets (both were villain first, later turning good)
  • Scott Tenorman as Stinger
  • Bill Allen and Fosse McDonald as The Wasps

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