• Stan Marsh as Noddy
  • Shelly Marsh as Martha Monkey
  • Randy Marsh as Master Tubby Bear
  • Carol McCormick as Mrs. Tubby Bear
  • Mr. Garrison as Big Ears
  • Stuart McCormick as Mr. Sparks
  • Chef as Mr. Plod
  • Sharon Marsh as Martha Monkey

Voice Cast

  • Susan Sheridan - Stan Marsh, Carol McCormick, Shelly Marsh and Sharon Marsh
  • Jimmy Hibbert - Mr. Garrison, Randy Marsh, Chef and Stuart McCormick


  • Shelly Marsh: Hello Stan.
  • Stan Marsh: Oh, Shelly Marsh, Please go away, I'm very busy.
  • Shelly Marsh: What a very dirty car!
  • Stan Marsh: What a very rude thing to say!
  • Shelly Marsh: Fancy giving a such a mess.
  • Stan Marsh: It's being working hard.
  • Shelly Marsh: And giving its face a good scrub and mind you to wash behind its ears, Ha ha ha, Here and what to clean its teeth and brush its hair, Don't forget to trim its nails, Ha ha ha ha.
  • Stan Marsh: That silly girl, She make me more tired than ever.

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