• Stan as Keroro (both are leaders)
  • Wendy as Tamama (both can get very angry)
  • Cartman as Giroro (both are mean and have a red color scheme)
  • Kyle as Kururu (both are intelligent)
  • Kenny as Dororo (both have their faces covered)
  • Craig as Garuru
  • Tweek as Pururu
  • Kelly as Kurara (my Sgt. Frog OC)
  • Bebe as Sumomo
  • Clyde as Taruru
  • Butters as Karara
  • Bradley as Tororo (Bradley is only a temporary character)
  • Token as Zoruru

Name Combinations

  • KeroStan
  • TamaWendy
  • GiroCartman/GiroEric
  • KuruKyle
  • DoroKenny
  • GaruCraig
  • PuruTweek
  • KuraKelly
  • SumoBebe
  • TaruClyde
  • KaraButters
  • ToroBradley
  • ZoruToken

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