South Park/The Railway Series


The Sodor Railway Engines

  • Stan Marsh as Thomas
  • Randy Marsh as Edward
  • Kyle Broflovski as Henry
  • Eric Cartman as Gordon
  • Wendy as James
  • Bebe as Percy
  • Kenny as Toby
  • Butters as Duck
  • Jimmy Valmer as Donald
  • Timmy Burch as Douglas
  • Chef as Oliver
  • Linda Stotch as Pip
  • Carol McCormick as Emma
  • Clyde as Bear/D7101
  • Liane Cartman as Mavis
  • Scott Tenorman as Diesel
  • Shelly Marsh as Daisy
  • Jimbo Kern as BoCo
  • Craig Tucker as Stepney
  • Officer Barbrady as The Works Diesel
  • Terrence and Phillip as Bill and Ben

The Other Railway Engines

  • Gregory Of Yaredale as The Foregin Engine
  • Grandpa Marvin as The Old Engine
  • Damien as Spamcan/D199
  • Lrr (From Futurama) as D261
  • Clamps (From Futurama) as Old Stuck Up
  • Token Black as Wilbert
  • Scott The Dick as 16
  • Tweek Tweak as 31120
  • Bahir as 10751
  • Stuart McCormick as The Red Engine
  • H.G Blob and Robot Devil (From Futurama) as 98472 and 87546
  • Boy with Blue Cap as The Little Blue Tank Engine (From Troublesome Trucks)
  • Nibbler (From Futurama) as The Derailed Engine (From Gordon Goes Foregin)
  • Starvin Marvin as Jinty
  • Mr. Hankey as Pug
  • Kevin McCormick as Albert
  • Calculon (From Futurama), Captain Monty and Jack Smith (From American Dad) as Toby's Brothers
  • Boy With C Cap as The Dark Green Tank Engine (From The Pop Up Book James The Red Engine and The Troublesome Trucks)
  • Gary Harrison, Francis and Leroy Jenkins as The Workshop Engines (From Trouble In The Shed, RWS Version)
  • Big Gay Al, Dogpoo Petuski, and Gordon Stolski as The Other Railway Engines Engines (From Percy Takes The Plunge and The Fat Controllers Engines)
  • Mr. Slave as Royal Claude/8783
  • Principal Lewis (From American Dad) as The Diesel Shunter
  • Hitler Cartman, Dead Kenny and Ghost Cartman as The Scrapyard Engines
  • Bob Memari (From American Dad) as Bahamas
  • Kevin Mephetspio as The Silver Jublee
  • Larry, Walt and Igner (From Futurama) as The Other Railway Diesels
  • Loogie as The Passing Diesel
  • Jackson (From American Dad) as King James 1
  • The Goth Kids as 16's Friends (From Cab Over Wheels)
  • Roger (From American Dad) as Neil

The National Railway Museum Engines

  • Gerald Broflovski as Flying Scotsman
  • Steve Smith (From American Dad) as City Of Truro
  • Greg Corbin (From American Dad) as Iron Duke
  • Terry Bates (From American Dad) as Green Arrow
  • Toshi (From American Dad) as Mallard
  • Francine (From American Dad) as Duchess Of Hamilton
  • Lester (From The Cleveland Show) as Boxhill
  • Jesus as Stephensons Rocket

The Narrow Gauge Engines

  • Fry (From Futurama) as Skarloey
  • Bender (From Futurama) as Rheneas
  • Hermes Conrad (From Futurama) as Sir Handel/Falcon
  • Holt (From The Cleveland Show) as Peter Sam/Stuart
  • Proffesor Farnsworth (From Futurama) as Rusty
  • Dr. Zoidberg (From Futurama) as Duncan
  • Mark Cotswolds as Duke
  • Satan as Stanley/No. 2
  • Pip Pirrup as Ivo Hugh
  • Tim The Bear (From The Cleveland Show) as Fred

The Road Vehicles

  • Ike Broflovski as Bertie
  • Saddam Hussian as Bulgy
  • Jack Tenorman as George
  • Shelia Broflovski as Caroline
  • Towelie as Terrence
  • Klaus (From American Dad) as Trevor
  • Sid The Seagull (A Made Up Character) as Harold
  • Trent Boyett as Bulstrode
  • Ernie Krinclesac (From The Cleveland Show) as The Caterpillar Crane (From Washout)

The Mountain Engines

  • Stan Smith (From American Dad) as Culdee
  • Stephen Stotch as Lord Harry
  • Preist Maxi as Ernest
  • Mr. Mackey as Alaric
  • Elvin Cartman as Wilfred
  • Dr. Mephetspio as Shane Dooiney
  • Kif (From Futurama) as Eric
  • Oliver Wilkinson (From The Cleveland Show) as Godred

The Small/Arlesdale Railway Engines

  • Bradley Biggle as Rex
  • Snot (From American Dad) as Bert
  • Barry (From Amrerican Dad) as Mike
  • Kevin Stoley as Jock
  • Zapp Branigan (From Futurama) as Frank
  • Raymond (From The Cleveland Show) as Blister 1
  • Terrance Mephetspio as Blister 2
  • Rebbeca Cotswolds as Sigrid of Arlesdale

The Rolling Stock

  • Sharon Marsh as Annie
  • Mrs. Testaburger as Clarabel
  • Robot Santa (From Futurama) as The Spiteful Brakevan
  • Robeto (From Futurama) as Scruffy
  • Mr. Hat as Toad
  • The Arlesdale Gnomes (Made Up Characters) as The Small Railway Coaches and Trucks
  • The Red, Green and Blue Gnomes (Made Up Characters) as The Narrow Gauge Coaches and Trucks
  • Linda Memari (From American Dad) as Alice
  • Roberta (From The Cleveland Show) as Mirabel
  • Billy Miller as Fred The Truck (From Toad Stands By)
  • Boy With Red Scarf (From Preschool) as U.L.P The Truck (From Toad Stands By)
  • Annie Faulk as Isabel
  • Tammy as Dulcie
  • The Underpants Gnomes as The Troublesome Trucks
  • Amy Wong (From Futurama) as Henrietta
  • Sanders (From American Dad) as The Ballast Spreader
  • Donna Tubbs (From The Cleveland Show) as Cora
  • The Passenger Gnomes (Made Up Characters) as The Passenger Coaches
  • The Blue Narrow Gauge Passenger Gnomes (Made Up Characters) as Agnes, Ruth Lucy Jemima and Bertrice
  • Roberta Tubbs (From The Cleveland Show) and Lola as Getruide and Millicent
  • Mrs. Chocksondic, Mayor McDaneils and Estella Havisiham as Ada, Jane and Mabel
  • Leela (From Futurama) as Catherine
  • Sally Darson as Victoria
  • Hayley (From American Dad) as Helena

The Talyllyn Railway Engines

  • Terry (From The Cleveland Show) as Talyllyn
  • Avery Bullock (From American Dad) as Dolgoch
  • Kyle Schwartz as Sir Haydn
  • Dougie as Douglas (Narrow Gauge)

The Bluebell Railway Engines

  • Bill and Fosse as Bluebell and Primrose
  • Jason as Cromford
  • Heidi Turner as Captain Baxter
  • Red as Adams

The Human Characters

  • Mr. Garrison as The Fat Controller
  • Principal Victoria as Lady Hatt
  • Scruffy (From Futurama) as The Thin Controller
  • Ned Gerblanksky as The Small Controller
  • Mr. Testaburger as The Manager (From Mountain Engines
  • Wally Farquhare (From The Cleveland Show) as The Angry Policeman
  • Robert Tubbs (From The Cleveland Show) as The Baber

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