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Stan the Blue Boy and Friends is a Unponing South Park series. It is All About Stan Marsh his best friend Kenny McCormick and Other People in Tidmouth House and Their Controller named Numbuh 1.


Season 1

  • Stan and Chef
  • Randy and Chef
  • The Sad Story of Mr. Garrison
  • Randy, Chef and Mr. Garrison
  • Stan's Car
  • Stan and the Robots
  • Kyle and the Pigs
  • Troublesome Underpants Gnomes
  • Kyle and the Express
  • Stan and the Person
  • Stan Goes Fishing
  • Stan, Dougie and the Snow
  • Stan and Bradley Biggle
  • Kids and Turntables
  • Kenny Runs Away
  • and more

Season 2

  • Stan, Kenny and the Coal
  • Randy and Chef in Cows
  • Randy and Kyle in Old Iron
  • Craig Takes Charge
  • Kenny and Ze Mole
  • Pop Goes Eric Cartman
  • and more

Season 3

  • A Scarf for Kenny
  • Kenny's Promise
  • Terrance's Duck
  • Mr. Garrison's Forest
  • Bebe Stevens
  • Mr. Mackey's Tightrope
  • Tender Kids
  • and more

Season 4

  • A Bad Day for Lester Krinklesac
  • Hermes Conrad and the Refreshment Lady
  • Towelie Stands By
  • Gallant Old Robot
  • Underpants Gnomes
  • Professor Farnsworth to the Rescue
  • Stan and Tweek Tweak

Season 5

  • A Better View for Chef
  • Bye Damien
  • Chef and the Gremlin
  • Clyde's Find
  • Haunted Mr. Garrison
  • Dr. Zoidberg Gets Spooked
  • Snow

Season 6

  • Token's Secret
  • Middle Kid
  • Scaredy Kids
  • Stan Smith Jumps In
  • Chef Takes a Tumble
  • Kenny's Chocolate Crunch
  • Kyle and the Red Balloon
  • Dunkin Dr. Zoidberg

Season 7

  • Wendy's New Animals
  • Three Cheers for Stan
  • Chef and Scott Tenorman
  • Bender and the Roller Coaster
  • Trusty Professor Farnsworth
  • Gregory of Yardale Rides Again
  • Randy's Brass Band
  • Kenny Gets It Right

Season 8

  • Stan and the Tuba
  • Kyle Goes Too Far
  • Chef Takes Charge

Season 9

  • Stan's New Gnomes
  • Respect For Chef
  • Keeping Up With Kyle

Season 10

  • Stan and the Birthday Mail
  • Kenny and the Funfair
  • It's Good to Be Chef

Season 11

  • Wendy's Rubbish
  • Mr. Mackey's Triumph
  • Mr. Garrison's Lucky Gnomes

Season 12

  • Stan and The Bilboard
  • Steady Randy
  • Push Me Pull You
  • Best Friends

Season 13

  • The Lion of South Park
  • Slippy Park
  • Steamy Park

Season 14

  • Stan's Tall Friend
  • Kyle In The Dark
  • Pip Pirrup and Randy

Season 15

  • Chef and Stuart McCormick
  • Mr. Mackey and Terrence
  • Wendy and Phillip
  • Randy the Hero
  • Let It Snow
  • Scott Tenorman the Grand
  • Fiery Jimbo

Season 16

  • Race to the Rescue
  • Kenny and the Monster of South Park
  • Muddy Matters


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