Tako Maki(Sushi Pack) as Stan Marsh (Both are blue and are boyfriends to Maguro and Wendy)

Ikura Maki(Sushi Pack) as Kyle Broflovski (Both are orange)

Unagi (Sushi Pack) as Eric Cartman

Toothy (Happy Tree Friends) as Kenny Mckormick

Maguro Maki(Sushi Pack) as Wendy Testaburger

Uni (Sushi Pack) as Gregory

Terrence (Fosters home for imaginary friends) as Saddam Hussein

Titanium Chef (Sushi Pack) as Satan

Flippy as Butters

Mr Grumpy(2008-2009) as Mr Garrison

Mr Nosey(2008-2009) as Mr Mackey

Little Miss neat (1983, 1995-1997) as Liane Cartman

Little Miss Bossy (1983, 1995-1997) as Sheila Broflovski (Both are bossy)

Little Miss Sunshine (1983, 1995-1997) as Sharon Marsh

Wasabi Pow(Sushi Pack) as Ike broflovski

Kani Maki as Bebe

Little Miss Naughty as Shelly

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