The Southern Plains is a region in Vovatra.


The plains are bordered on the southwest by the Spice Forest, on the north by the Pink Jungle, and on the southeast by the Nevasoy Forest.


The Southern Plains have generally mild summers and winters. They receive some rain during the summer monsoons, but not as much as the Nevasoy Forest or the Pink Jungle; this is what causes the plains to lack forest cover despite being surrounded by it. It is thought that a few thousand years ago the area was forested, but a lessening of the monsoons allowed it to become a grassy area while leaving very fertile soil.

Human Geography and Economics

The plains have no major towns, but there are many small farming villages. The economy is agriculture-based due to the very fertile soil. For example, the plains are the world's largest producer of wines.


The two main parties in the plains are the Motherland Movement and the Social Alliance, although other parties often have support in the region.

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