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Sovereignty is a planned wiki-based, free-to-play, multiplayer game focused on geopolitical role playing. Sovereignty will take advantage of the flexibility offered by MediaWiki to provide players with an in-depth gaming experience. The game's robust feature set will include options for warfare, economic development, subnational entities, alliances, treaties, and trade. Those interested in history, economics, strategy, or politics will enjoy playing this game. Also, Sovereignty will be great place to take your althist or conworld for a multiplayer spin.

Players join the game by creating a character, then moving that character into a territory. A territory is a section of land under the control of a government. Each territory has several cities, an area, a population, a population density, and certain natural resources. These factors determine things like the territory's economic output and population growth rate. Players interact with each other by participating in the government of their territory.

For more information, check out this Wikipedia article [1].

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