Space Chä is a Space and Dimension related Chä power. Below is a description.

To use Space Chä you must be in the Intellect, Spectral, Hero, or Corrupt class. You also must be in the Blue, Black, or Yellow alignment.


Here are the varying powers of Space Chä.


  • Rift: Can create small black holes for a short period of time. Generally though, this is a bad idea seeing as the black holes suck in their creators too.
  • Gravity: Can create immense amounts of Gravity or reduce Gravity to zero. The common misconception that you fly into outer-space when someone creates zero gravity on Earth should be ignored. Really, you just float around and since there is still air friction you would eventually stop movement if you lose control.


  • Reality Trap: Can open doors to alternate realities or nonexistent zones (such as the Zone of Darkness). Basically, it is like the Olmak and you can use it to imprison your enemies.
  • Chaos Theory: Can alter the fabric of space slightly so that a desired event occurs. For example, the Chäotic could make a Matoran wave to a friend thus creating air displacement that could later grow into a tornado. This take A LOT of effort, and people have been known to die due to this power.


  • Teleportation: Space Chäotics can use this power to travel from point A to point B instantly.
  • Tesseract: EXTREMELY DEADLY AND EVIL POWER! SHUN THIS POWER! Bascially, a tesseract causes objects to fold in on themselves. For example, you could walk through one door of a building, and find yourself standing on the ceiling of a room five stories down, and go back through the door to find yourself on the wall of the main entrance rather than where you were before. Inside tesseracts, time and space have no meaning. Oh, and by the way, if you use this power you will most likely drop dead on the spot.

Environmental Effects

The signature power for Space Chä is Tesseract, and it is largely effected by the environment. Chäotics can turn off the effects. Here is a list of effects:

  • Fire Area: Rivers of lava and small volcanoes will start appearing inside rooms of the building, on walls, the floor, or the ceiling. The longer the tesseract goes on the more of these items appear. (This is true for all effects)
  • Water Area: Rivers and lakes start appearing in rooms inside of the building.
  • Air Area: Trees and clouds start appearing in rooms inside the building.
  • Ice Area: Ice and snow starts to appear in rooms of the building.
  • Stone Area: Quick sand and stones start to appear in the building.
  • Earth Area: Crags and tunnels start to appear in rooms of the building.

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