Space Expansion Frontiers is a sci-fi universe created by Newmarduk.


1950 A.D.-Founding of the United God Movement in the United States, an attempt to combine Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, and Shinto faiths into a single religion. It's tenents are belief in a divine Supreme Being (who is identified with the Judeo-Christian God, the Islamic Allah, the Hindu creator god Brahma, the state of Nirvana in Buddhist teachings, and the Japanese sun goddess, the highest kami or spirit in Shinto) and lesser deities, prophets, and other religious figures who are assumed to serve the Supreme Being; the divine origins of the Bible, the Koran, and Buddhist, Hindu, and Shinto scriptures, the reincarnation of the human soul, and the promotion of evil by evil spirits, devils, and demons. The United God Movement will slowly but steadily expand for decades.

1993 A.D.-The graviton, the quantum (subatomic) particle responsible for the force of gravity, is discovered by Japanese physicists at Kyoto University.

2000 A.D.-The artificial manipulation of gravitons is demonstrated by Swedish physicists and technicians at the Royal Institute of Science in Stockholm, paving the way for gravity manipulation technology, which allows for both flight into space and artificial gravity on board spacecraft and space stations.

2010 A.D.-By now, the United States, Russia, China, the European Union, India, and the United Nations all have active space programs including spacecraft and orbital stations utilizing the new gravity-manipulation tech. The first spacecraft use a hybrid propulsion system with both chemical-thrust rockets and gravity-manipulation tech for movement as well as on-board artificial gravity of up to 0.7 g (70 percent of Earth gravity). There are also over 20 permanent stations in Earth orbit.

2011-2050 A.D.-this is a time of technological advancement and increasing settlement of Earth orbit in large space cities and on Luna (Earth's moon). Improved gravity control allows spacecraft to travel between Earth and Luna in six hours and without chemical rocket thrusters, and increases the artificial gravity on spacecraft and space stations and cities up to 0.95 g (95 percent Earth gravity). Advances cause the development of human cloning and the creation of intelligent dolphins and apes (via genetic engineering) and artificial intelligence for select robots and computers. The United God Movement at this time rapidly gains support due to it's acceptance of cloning, intelligence for dolphins, chimpanzees, gorillas, and oragutangs; and A.I. for certain robots and computers as well as space exploration and colonization, as opposed to the more conservative leaders of older religious traditions. Military technology includes development of laser and particle-beam guns; missiles powered by gravity-control tech; fighting vehicles (powered by gravity-control tech; combining the functions of a tank, armoured personnel carrier, warship, aircraft, spacecraft, and submarine) that can maneuver and fight underwater, in an atmosphere, and in space; and nuclear dampers that prevent to detonation of atomic and hydrogen/fusion nuclear warheads within a certain radius (usually up to 15 miles). On the political front, the United Nations dissolves, and the United States, Russia, the European Union, China, and India emerge as the five superpowers on Earth. In 2047, most of the other Earth nations form a loose alliance called the Sixth Power on Earth to counter the five superpowers.

2051-2400 A.D.-this is the era of the United God Movement becoming the dominant religion on Earth, in the space cities in Earth orbit, and on Luna. The development of the next generation of spacecraft, which use a combination of nuclear-fusion rockets and gravity-control tech to reach a speed of up to 10 Astronomical Units (A.U.; one A.U. equals the distance between the Earth and the Sun) in 30 Earth days opens up the rest of the solar system to exploration and colonization. Due to the increasing domination of Earth and it's immediate vicinity by the United God Movement and the growing acceptance of human cloning, genetic-enhanced intelligence for apes and dolphins, and A.I. machines, some of the natural-born humans with a religious fundamentalist outlook (usually Islamic or Protestant Christian) voluntarily leave for interplanetary colonization. Other colonies are established by Earth-based governments and coporations wanting economic resources, and quite a few by scientists engaging in research. Most of the interplanetary colonies are on the planet Mars and the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, but some are further out among the moons of the gas giant planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune), the Trojan asteroids in Jupiter orbit, the ice-and-rock Centaur asteroids bwtween Saturn and Uranus orbits, or even the comets, ice-and-rock asteroids, dwarf planets, and moons of dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud. A few off-Earth private businesses interests also arise during this period, often with their own colonies and property based off-Earth, such as the Luna-based Frontiers Corporation, the Mars-based Ian-Fujiwara-Nagobi-Hajewski (IFNH) Inc., the Interplanetary Merchant Guild (headquartered in Second New York, a space city in Earth orbit), and the Guild of Independent Asteroid Miners based in the asteroid between Mars and Jupiter. The United God Movement slowly but surely established a few off-Earth religious-based colonies to show the off-world populations the "correct" way to the worship of the Supreme Being.

2401-2530 A.D.-this 130-year period sees striff between nations on Earth, and the off-world colonies at first use public protests and then violence to severe their connections to the old homeworld, but the off-Earth colonies eventually gain independence as the Earth governments are concerned mainly with conditions on the home planet. In 2467, the Holy Synod, the highest ecclesiastical body of the United God Movement, officially moves to Cyrus, a newly independent, democratic city-state on Mars. By 2500, the old Earth nations have united into two main superstates: the Eurasian Dominate and the Pan-American Collective. Meanwhile, the United God Movement splinters into three separate sects, two based respectively in the Eurasian Dominate and the Pan-American Collective (and unofficially sponsored by the respective governments), and the original United God Movement organization headquarted on Mars and predominating off Earth. All three United God Movement sects have their own governing Holy Synods. The 25th Century sees the United God Movement faith challenged by a new religion: the Incarnate Church. The Incarnate Church does preach that the universe was created by a divine Supreme Being, but hold that he now is inactive in the known universe. They teach that humans and other intelligent beings (including intelligent apes and dolphins and even A.I. robots and computers) can spiritually work until they become gods themselves. Meanwhile, the Eurasian and Pan-American governments proclaim a ceasefire in 2530.

2534 A.D.-the present.


The old space cities in Earth orbit are politically aligned into two democratic but rival governments: the Earth Orbit Coalition and the Free Sky Alliance. Occasionally there are military conflicts between the two factions, but more often there is a degree of free trade between them.


Earth's moon has various colonies that are essentially self-governing city-states with a variety of governments ranging from rule by a private corporation to democratic republicanism to militaty or police dictatorship to even feudal rule by hereditary monarchs or aristocrats. Relations between them range from friendly to armed hostility (including shooting wars).


The planet Mars is governed like Luna, with it's various colonies governed as independent city-states, with local government varying from corporate to democratic to authoritarian to feudal. Quite a few Martian colonies/city-states are theocratic, a few affiliated with the United God Movement but most affiliated with Islamic fundamentalist or Protestant Christian fundamentalist elements. Armed coflicts between city-states occurs on occasion. The Martian moons Phobos and Deimos have fallen under the control of the Interplanetary Merchant League and IFNH Inc., respectively. The moons are used as interplanetary bazaars and shopping malls.


The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter orbits is home to the Guild of Independent Asteroid Miners, headquarted on the dwarf planet Ceres. Competing with this guild in the mining of asteroids is the Luna-based Frontier Corporation and IFNH Inc., and armed conflicts between all three interests has occured sometimes over resources. The asteroid belt is also home to a number of religious-based colonies, a few affiliated with the United God Movement but most based on fundamentalism of Islamic or Protestant Christian orientation. The Islamic and Christian fundamentalists occasionally fight the guild and two big corporations over living space and resources.


The main promoters of expanding outward to the moons of the gas giant planets, the Trojan asteroids in Jupiter orbit, the Centaur asteroids between Saturn and Uranus orbits, and the various comets, ice-and-rock asteroids, and dwarf planets of the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud are mainly those with economic interests: the Interplanetary Merchant Guild, the Guild of Independent Asteroid Miners, and corporations (including but not limited to Frontier Corporation and IFNH Inc.). There are a few religious-based colonies out here of an Islamic or Christian fundamentalist basis. Of course, armed conflict of a religious or economic interest occur out here.


The United God Movement sects are attempting to officially reunite under one Holy Synod. The clergy of the United God Movement religion from highest to lowest include Holy Synod members (titled High Ecclesiastics), caliph, hierophant, guru, mullah, priest, and deacon. For more on the traditional teachings of the United God Movement, see the timeline above. Meanwhile, the new Incarnate Church is attempting to win converts from followers of the United God Movement. For more on the Incarnate faith, see the timeline above. The Incarnate Church is active mostly on Earth, but it has started to become more assertive off-world.


The home planet of humanity is now politically dominated by two superstates: the Pan-American Collective and the Eurasian Dominate. The Pan-American Collective dominates in the Western Hemiphere while the Eurasian Dominate controls Europe and Asia, with control of Africa, the Arctic, Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific islands divided between the two regimes. The Pan-American Collective has a democratically-elected government divided into an Executive Council, a bicameral Legislative Assembly composed of a Senate and Popular Assembly, and a system of courts with elected judges. The two main political parties are the Social Democrats and the Citizens Party. The capital of the Collective is Washington D.C. The government of the Eurasian Dominate is composed of an supposedly democratically-elected Supreme Council and an Executive Committee, Security Committee, and courts appointed/elected by the Supreme Council. The ruling Eurasian Political Union always seems to win elections even though the Eurasian Democratic Party and the socialist Labor Party are nominally promoted as opposition parties. The capital of the Dominate is Moscow. Both the Eurasians and the Pan-Americans are attempting to become more involved in off-world affairs, with the Dominate establishing economic ties to the private Frontier Corporation and the Collective establishing similar relations with the private corporation known as IFNH Inc. Both governments have promoted economic ties with the Interplanetary Merchant League and the Guild of Independent Asteroid Miners. In the politics of the space cities in Earth orbit, the Pan-American Collective supports the Earth Orbit Coalition while the Eurasian Dominate promotes the Free Sky Alliance. Both Earth governments are also wooing city-states on Luna and Mars as potential allies.

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