Space Frontiers Through the Wormholes is a science-fiction universe by Newmarduk.


1998 A.D.-invention of gravity-control technology at the University of Nagasaki in Japan.

1999-2000 A.D.-Most nations-with the United States of America, Russia, and China the main exceptions-unite under a world government called the World Commonwealth.

2004 A.D.-inauguration of the Religious Unity Movement, an attempt at uniting the major religions on Earth, with the unofficial backing of several members of the World Commonwealth's central government in Alexandria, Egypt.

2005-2006 A.D.-foundation of three corporations for promoting space exploration and off-Earth colonization with gravity-control tech used for both propelling spaceships and for providing Earth-like gravity (1 g) in off-Earth environments. One is the American Astrotech Cartel (AAC), jointly owned by the U.S. government and private American business interests. The second is the Sino-Russian Frontier Union (SRFU), jointly owned by the Russian and Chinese governments and private Russian business interests. The third is the One Earth, Off Earth Corporation (OEOEC), jointly owned by private business interests, the central World Commonwealth government, and governments of the Commonwealth's member nations.

2008 A.D.-Religious Unity Movement formulates doctrines. This universe is assume to have been created by a divine Supreme Being, who may also have created other universes. Human beings are equiped with an immortal soul that can be reincarnated in new human bodies. There are lesser deities, saints, prophets, and other beings serving the Supreme Being, and these lesser beings may or may not be worshipped as gods subordinate to the Supreme Being. There are spiritual beings, demons, devils, and/or evil deities who obviously want to tempt humans away from following and worshipping the Supreme Being. Various scriptures, including but not limited to the Bible, the Koran, and Hindu and Buddhist scriptures can be counted as holy texts.

The Religious Unity Movement elects it's first Holy Governing Synod, with it's official seat in Jerusalem, Israel.

2010-2050 A.D.-advances in human technology including the cloning of humans and animal-human hybrids, artificial intelligence for robots and computers, and development of weapons such as laser guns, particle-beam cannons, force fields created utilizing gravity-control tech and electromagnets, and nuclear dampers which prevent the detonation of nuclear weapons within a certain radius (usually five to seven miles from the operating damper).

During this period, the Religious Unity Movement rapidly gains followers because it favors human cloning, space exploration, and off-Earth colonization, and accepts the cloning of animal-human hybrids and A.I. for robots and computers, unlike the more conservative leaders of older religions, who rapidly lose supporters due to their less progressive attitude toward the new technologies and favoring an "Earth first" attitude rejecting space exploration and off-Earth colonization efforts.

Cloning eventually ends up providing 20-25 percent of all human births, but the cloning of animal-human hybrids and programming robots and computers with A.I. will still be very much limited, still seen as experimental curiosities reserved for academians, intellectuals, and wealthy eccentrics. Perhaps the fear that new organic races or intelligent machines (or both) will end up replacing humanity causes most computers and robots to remain "dumb" machines and cloning being restricted to humans for the most part for centuries to come.

Also during this four-decade era, the colonization of Earth orbit by construction of space cities and the increasing colonization of Luna (Earth's moon), mainly promoted by the AAC, SRFU, and OEOEC corporations and by the Religious Unity Movement. occur at a rapid clip. The human population off Earth reaches over 10 million by 2050, not to mention a few (but only few so far) animal-human hybrids and A.I. machines.

2053-2061 A.D.-World War III. The World Commonwealth wages war on the United States, China, and Russia, and ends up absorbing them under Commonwealth authority. The off-Earth colonies owned and operated by the AAC and SRFU corporations declare their independence of Earth. The three nations lose the war, and by 2061 have new "puppet" regimes installed by Commonwealth military forces and pro-Commonwealth local citizens. An amendment to the Commonwealth charter in 2062 proclaims that the U.S., China, and Russia have joined the Commonwealth.

2059 A.D.-the World Commonwealth renames itself the United Earth Commonwealth by amending it's charter

2065 A.D.-amendments to the United Earth Commonwealth charter curb autonomy of local/national governments on Earth, stregthening the central Commonwealth regime, and proclaim the Religious Unity Movement the official, state religion of the Commonwealth.

2066 A.D.-AAC, SRFU, and OEOEC corporations jointly invent first true interplanetary spaceships powered by combination of gravity-control tech and nuclear-fusion rockets.

2070-2120 A.D.-exploration and colonization of asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, the planet Mars, the moons of four gas giant planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune), and the Pluto-like dwarf planets, icy comets, and ice-and-rock asteroids of the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud at the edge of Earth's solar system occur.

2072 A.D.-AAC corporation allows most of the off-Earth colonies then under it's control be placed under control of last remnants of old United States government defeated by United Earth Commonwealth on Earth. These colonies are reorganized into a new democratic government called New America, with it's capital on Luna (Earth's moon).

2074 A.D.-SRFU corporation places most of it's off-Earth colonies under control of new government, more authoritarian than that of New America, founded by Russian and Chinese exiles who fled the victorious United Earth Commonwealth after World War III. New regime is officially titled the Celestial Alliance. It's capital is on Titan, a moon of Saturn.

2077 A.D.-United Earth Commonwealth amends it's charter basically placing the OEOEC corporation more under it's central government's complete control, removing the OEOEC's private-business shareholders from ownership or management of the corporation, which is transformed into the Commonwealth's Ministry of Extraterrestrial Affairs. OEOEC's off-Earth colonies are granted elected representation in the Commonwealth's General Assembly like the old nations on Earth themselves. OEOEC's fleet of spaceships is mostly placed under the new Ministry of Extraterrestrial Affairs, though some spaceships are sold or leased to private concerns.

              NEW SPACE AGE         

2123 A.D./ 1 N.S.A.-first discovery of wormholes allowing faster-than-light/interstellar/intergalactic space travel. Later historians would later call this year the first year of the New Space Age (N.S.A.). The wormhole in Earth's solar system, about 102 A.U. (Astronomical Units; Earth is one A.U. from it's Sun) from Earth's sun, leads to a new solar system, with a new Earthlike planet with three moons named Theah.

1-10 N.S.A.-United Earth Commonwealth (through it's Ministry of Extraterrestrial Affairs), the Religious Unity Movement, the Celestial Alliance (jointly with the SRFU corporation), and New America (jointly with the AAC corporation) all found colonies on Theah.

10-25 N.S.A.-Theah's solar system is discovered to have nine different wormholes, leading to the solar system of Earth and to the solar systems with the Earthlike planets of Vendel, Avalon, Montanique, Castille, Vodacce, and Eisen; and two Earthlike moons of gas giant planets-Ussura and Cathay. The United Earth Commonwealth successfully lays claim to Montanique, Castille, Vodacce and Eisen. The AAC corporation and New America lay successful joint claim to Avalon and Vendel. The Celestial Alliance and the SRFU corporation gain joint control of Ussura and Cathay.

28-80 N.S.A.-The planet Earth itself is under a civil war, so the United Earth Commonwealth grants almost complete autonomy (bordering on de facto independence) to it's off-Earth colonies and it's Ministry of Extraterrestrial Affairs, as nationalist rebellions in North America, Africa, Russia, India, the Middle East, and China threaten it's sovereignty. The Commonwealth government resorts to the radically increasing reliance on A.I. machines (both mobile robots and stationary computers) and cloned animal-human hybrids (now officially called chimaeras) to swell the ranks of it's armed forces and to provide a new bastion of loyalists. The numbers of both A.I. machines and cloned chimaeras swell into the tens of millions by 40 N.S.A. The capital of the Commonwealth government is moved to Rome by 36 N.S.A. By 60 N.S.A., most of the Commonwealth's off-Earth colonies and it's Ministry of Extraterrestrial Affairs have formally declared their independence of Earth. By 80 N.S.A., the United Earth Commonwealth has retaken complete control of Earth.

During this time, more wormholes, solar systems, and worlds are discovered, and the Religious Unity Movement has divided into two rival sects, one officially aligned with the United Earth Commonwealth (and mainly based on Earth and on some off-Earth colonies affiliated or formally affiliated with the Commonwealth) and the other sect independent of the Commonwealth regime and operating mostly outside Earth's solar system.


81 N.S.A.-Commonwealth charter amended to transform United Earth Commonwealth into the new Terran Imperium with the last Commonwealth chief executive Cleon Ashvarava, who is also a high-ranking military officer, crowned as the Empire's first First Citizen or ruler, with the elected General Assembly and the formerly independent courts having their powers sharply reduced. A.I. machines and chimaeras granted greater civil rights-almost equality with humans.

82-90 N.S.A.-rapid building of a new space fleet by the Terran Imperium.

85 N.S.A.-SRFU and AAC corporations merge into one new private megacorp-the Free Stellar Corporation.

88 N.S.A.-Terran Imperium passes new law banning sexual relations between humans and mandating human reproduction by cloning only.

90-135 N.S.A.-Terran Imperial expansion by military conquest promoted as the Imperium gradually driving out New America, the Celestial Alliance, the Ministry of Extraterrestrial Affairs, and the Free Stellar Corporation out of Earth's solar system, and establishes a beachhead in Theah's solar system (in the outer reaches of the Thean system, in it's Kuiper Belt among it's icy comets, ice-and-rock asteroids, and Pluto-style dwarf planets, but not on the planet Theah itself). In 100 N.S.A., the Celestial Alliance, New America, and the Free Stellar Corporation form an Alliance of Mutual Defense to stop Terran Imperial agression. The Ministry of Extraterrestrial Affairs meanwhile retreats using the wormholes to it's colonies in distant solar systems and adopts an isolationist policy.

Meanwhile, the two rival Religious Unity Movement factions see their schism deepen as the official Terran Imperial sect proclaims the Terran Imperium having the mandate of the divine Supreme Being, and the other, so-called Independent sect proclaiming the Imperium as "godless" and the enemy of the Supreme Being.

124 N.S.A.-First Citizen Cleon Ashvarava dies, and his heir-a human clone-is crowned First Citizen of the Terran Imperium as Cleon II. The Imperial sect of the Religious Unity Movement proclaims Cleon Ashvarava a true god subordinate only to the Supreme Being.

128 N.S.A.-Terran Imperial law proclaims Imperial sect of Religious Unity Movement only legal organized religion, with remnants of older human religions and Independent sect of Religious Unity Movement singled out.

130 N.S.A.-Free Stellar Corporation lifts restrictions on cloning of chimaeras and A.I. for robots and computers, though governments of Celestial Alliance and New America and the Ministry of Extraterrestrial Affairs retain official limits.

133 N.S.A.-Independent sect of Religious Unity Movement suffers a schism as a so-called Humanity First sect proclaiming adherence to traditional doctrines of the original Religious Unity Movement but proclaiming A.I. machines and cloned chimaeras (animal-human hybrids) as "godless machines and mutants" is organized.

135 N.S.A.-Terran Imperium signs peace treaty with New America and Celestial Alliance, but still engages in occasional armed hostilities with the Free Stellar Corporation.

140 N.S.A.-First Citizen Cleon II is assassinated without an heir, so the General Assembly, according to the charter of the Terran Imperium, is supposed to elect a new First Citizen by majority vote of the Assembly, but since the Assembly is divided over four different candidates, none of whom have the required Assembly majority, the General Assembly, according the rules set forth in the Imperial charter, elected a Council of Regents to rule the Imperium until the election of a new First Citizen.

The Council of Regents will rule the Terran Imperium for over a century.

142 N.S.A.-it is reported that A.I. machines and chimaeras now make up estimated 20-30 percent of the population of the Terran Imperium's population (including humans) and that 80-90 percent of the Terran Imperial humans are birthed by cloning instead of the traditional/natural method of child birth.

It is also reported that A.I. machines and chimaeras make up only 22 out of 1,255 elected members in the Terran Imperial General Assembly, and that the ruling Council of Regents has only one A.I. machine and no chimaeras as Council members (out of a total of 30 Council members).


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