Space Jam(John Horton Productions) is a upcoming and coming soon Spoof for the Movie Spoofs and it will be the First of the Sports Movie Spoof Off.


Live Action Characters

Troy's Dad(High School Musical)-Michael Jordon's Father

T.J Detweiler-Young Michael Jordan

Tommy Oliver(Power Rangers)-Michael Jordan

Kimberly Ann Hart-Juantia Jordan

Timmy Turner-Jeffery Jordan

Dash Parr-Marcus Jordan

Jenny(Monster House)-Jasmine Jordan

Jason Lee Scott(Power Rangers)-Bill Murray

Mr.Krabs-Stan Podolak

Merlin(Disney)-The Commisioner

King(Disney Cinderella)-Larry Bird

Bolt-Charlie the Dog

Nick Fury-Del Harris

Shane Clarke-Charles Barkley

Dustin Brooks-Patrick Ewing

Dillion(RPM)-Shawn Bradley

Scott Truman-Larry Johnson

Lucas(Time Force)-Mugsy Bogues

Looney Tunes

Lewis(Meet the Robinsons)-Bugs Bunny

Hunter Bradley(Ninja Storm)-Elmer Fudd

Ash Ketchum-Daffy Duck

Kevin Levin-Tasmanian Devil

The Hulk-Toro the Bull

Hamm(Toy Story)-Porky Pig

Grapefruit(Annoying Orange)-Marvin the Martian

Duck(Almost Naked Animals)-Tweety Bird

Tuck and Roll-Hubie and Bertie

Eric Myers-Yosemite Sam

Chicken Little(2005)-Foghorn Leghorn

Merrick(Wild Force)-Slyvester

Fairy Godmother(Disney)-Granny

Rita Replusa-Witch Hazel

Skunk(Skunk Fu)-Pepe Le Pew Rizzo the Rat-Sniffles

Sabrina Spellman(Animated/Secret Life/Secrets of a Teenage Witch)-Lola Bunny

Balto-Charles Dog(Looney Tunes)


King Candy/Turbo-Mr.Swackhammer

Creeper(The Black Cauldron)-Nerdluck Pound

Jafar-Monstar Pound

Dijon-Nerdluck Blanko

Megatron-Monstar Blanko

Lefou-Nerdluck Bang

Gaston-Monstar Bang

Panic(Hercules)-Nerdluck Bupkus

Venjix(Power Rangers RPM)-Monstar Bupkus

Vincent Crabbe-Nerdluck Nawt

Hades(Disney)-Monstar Nawt

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