Bremeerkat's Movie Spoof film Space Jam


Live Action

  • Roger Ratcliffe. (101 Dalmatians) as Michael Jordan
  • John Smith (Pocahontas) as Stan Podolak
  • Anita Ratcliffe (101 Dalmatians) as Junita Jordan
  • John Darling (Peter Pan) as Jeffery Joradn
  • Michael Darling (Peter Pan) as Marcus Darling
  • Wendy Darling (Peter Pan) as Jasmine Jordan
  • Megara (Hercules) as Jordan Houseekeper
  • Eric (Thé Little Mermaid) as Larry Bird
  • Aladdin as Bill Murray
  • Peter Pan as Commissioner

Animation Character Looney Tunes

  • Phineas (Phineas and Ferb) as Bugs Bunny
  • Ferb (Phineas and Ferb) as Daffy Duck
  • Isabella (Phineas and Ferb) as Lola Bunny
  • Zipper (Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers) as Tweety Bird
  • Oliver (Oliver & Company) as Sylvester thé Cat
  • Carlotta (Thé Little Mermaid) as Granny
  • Mr Smee (Peter Pan) as Porky Pig
  • Dopey (Snow White and thé Seven Dwarfs) as Road Runner
  • Scooby Doo as Wile E. Coyote
  • Sherrif of Notingam (Robin Hood) as Yosemite Sam
  • Fat Cat (Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers) as Elmer Fudd
  • Rajah (Aladdin) as Taz thé Tasmanian
  • Donald Duck (Mickey Mouse) as Foghorn Leghorn
  • Feathers McGraw (Thé Wrong Trousers) as Pépé Le Pew
  • Alien Invaders (Scooby Doo and thé Alien Invaders) as Marvin thé Martian
  • Zazu (Thé Lion King) and Iago (Aladdin) as Hubie and Bert
  • Max (Thé Little Mermaid) as El Toro
  • Lord Ralphscoe (Son Hades and Maleficent) as Swackhamer
  • Young Simba (Thé Lion King) as Pound (Orange Nerdluck)
  • Koda (Brother Bear) as Bang (Green Nerdluck)
  • Scamp (Lady and thé Tramp 2 Scamp's Adventures) as Bupkus (Purple Nerdluck)
  • Young Tod (Thé Fox and thé Hound) as Nawt (Roses Nerdluck)
  • Nemo (Finding Nemo) as Blanko (Blue Nerdluck)

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