LionheartCaptian's movie-spoof of "Space Jam"


  • Spongebob (from SpongeBob Squarepants) as Bugs Bunny
  • Sandy Cheeks (from SpongeBob Squarepants) as Lola Bunny
  • Patrick (from SpongeBob Squarepants) as Daffy Duck
  • Hades (from Hercules) as Swackhammer
  • CatDog (from CatDog) as Porky Pig
  • Ringmaster (from Dumbo) as Elmer Fudd
  • Sykes (from Oliver & Company) as Yosemite Sam
  • Quasimodo (from The Hunchback of Notra Dame) as Foghorn Leghorn
  • Lumiere (from Beauty and The Beast) as Pepe Le Pew
  • Dinky and Bomer (from Thé Fox and thé Hound) as Hubie & Bertie
  • Gaston (from Beauty and The Beast) as Marvin the Martian
  • Sailor Moon (from Sailor Moon) as Tweety Bird
  • Ash Ketchum (from Pokemon) as Sylvester the Cat
  • Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty) as Witch Hazel
  • Stan (from Winnie the Pooh) as Tazmanian Devil
  • Nakoma (from Pocahontas) as Granny
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (from Sonic X) as The Road Runner
  • Knuckles the Echidna (from Sonic X) as Wile E.Coyote
  • Young Shere Khan (from Thé Jungle Cubs) as Nerdluck Bang
  • Adult Shere Khan (from Thé Jungle Book) as Monstar Bang
  • Figaro (from Pinocchio) as Nerdluck Blanko
  • Pete (from Disney) as Monstar Blanko
  • Wart (from Sword in the Stone) as Nerdluck Bupkus
  • Captain Hook (from Peter Pan) as Monstar Bupkus
  • Young Copper (from Thé Fox and thé Hound 2) as Nerdluck Pound
  • Buster (from Lady and thé Tramp 2) as Monstar Pound
  • Berlioz (from The Aristicats) as Nerdluck Nawt
  • Lucifer (from Cinderella) as Monstar Nawt

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