frankie as bugs bunny

Hal Jordan/Green Lantern from (Green Lantern (2012)) as Michael Jordan

Captain America from (Avengers (2012)) as Bill Murray

jason as daffy

bear as porky pig

sean as swackhammer

bullhead as foghorn leghorn

wicket as tweety

Polo as Taz

elizabeth as lola bunny

The Titans and Cyclops from (Hercules) as The Monstars

The Little Lookalike Alliance? as The Nerdlucks

ms harrison as granny

joe as Wile E. Coyote

Ricky as Elmer Fudd

Tigger from (Winnie The Pooh) as sylvester

Carl Lakey as Yosemite Sam


  • (The Little Lookalike Alliance turns into the Titans)
  • Ice Titan/Blanko: Hey little bear. boo.
  • (Bear/Porky Pig Screams)
  • Bear/Porky Pig: I scared myself.
  • Lava Titan/Bang: Time to play a little ball. (As he smashes everybody)

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