A science-fiction universe by Newmarduk, Space Station Deep Space Geraldo is about a space station, you guessed it, named Deep Space Geraldo orbiting at the outer fringes of Earth's solar system at about 66 A.U. (1 A.U.=distance between Earth and Sun) from the Sun. Deep Space Geraldo is self-governing, governed by a Chief Executive, three Judges, and a 20-member Station Council all elected by popular vote of the station's permanent inhabitants (around 45,000) every two Earth years. The local economy is based upon the mining of comets and ice-and-rock asteroids for ice (for drinking water) and various metals and minerals (exported to industries on the dwarf planets Pluto and Eris), gambling (with playing card games of poker for money a favorite), and interplanetary trade and bartering. Artificial gravity is provided by onboard gravity generators. Eslsewhere in the local solar system, the inner worlds (closer than the Main Belt, the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter) are politically divided between the Terran Empire (which controls the planet Earth, the space cities in Earth orbit, and portions of Earth's moon Luna and the planets Mars, Venus, and Mercury), the private, profit-oriented, interplanetary corporation known as the Green Sun Mercantile (or better known by it's abbreviation G.S.M., and this corporation has assets on the planet Mars, in the Main Belt, on the moons of the gas giant planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus), the Venusian Republic (controlling part of Venus, with a government elected by wealthy citizens), the Lunar Commonwealth (controlling parts of Luna and with a government elected by universal suffrage), and the Sun Kingdom (controlling portions of Mercury). The control of the Main Belt is contested by the G.S.M. and by the Ceres Collective, which is based upon the dwarf planet Ceres. The outer solar system (beyond Uranus orbit) is a welter of various governments extending up to over 1000 A.U. from the Sun, including the Neptunian Imperium (with it's capital on Trtiton, a moon of the planet Neptune), the Plutonian Commonwealth (a democratic republic with it's capital on the dwarf planet Pluto), the Eris Free State (basically the democratic, self-governing dwarf planet of Eris), and dozens of other nations in the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud.

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