Glen Quagmire's own version of Spaceballs the movie.


Glenn Quagmire (Family Guy) - Captain Lone Starr

Cleveland Brown (Family Guy) - Barf the Mawg

Meg Griffin (Family Guy) - Princess Vespa

Lois Griffin (Family Guy) - Dot Matrix

Mort Goldman (Family Guy) - Lord Dark Helmet

Chris Griffin (Family Guy) - Colonel Harland Sandurz

Brian Griffin (Family Guy) - President Skroob

Mayor Adam West (Family Guy) - King Roland

Carter Pewterschmidt (Family Guy) - Yogurt

Angela (Peter's Boss) (Family Guy) - Commanderette Zircon

Jillian Russel Wilcox (Family Guy) - Marlene and Charlene

Stewie Griffin (Family Guy) - Prince Valium

Joe Swanson (Family Guy) - Vinnie

Peter Griffin (Family Guy) - Pizza the Hutt

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