Spaceships in the universe of Alternate Earth and the Local Solar System tend to be of two general types. One is the smaller spaceplanes that are powered by advanced chemical thrusters. The other is the far larger interplanetary cruisers which are powered by nuclear-fusion engines or more commonly by cheaper solar sails. The interplanetary cruisers have rotating sections that permit areas onboard with a degree of artificial gravity. The cruisers also use the smaller spaceplanes as shuttles to and from the surfaces of a given world. Both the Eurasian Dominate and the Pan-American Collective keep a small number of interplanetary cruisers in Earth orbit at all times. The Asteroid Mining Guild which rules the asteroid belt (see asteroid belt in AELSS) and it's mining industry also maintains it's own fleet of interplanetary cruisers. Most interplanetary cruisers (and a considerable percentage of smaller spaceplanes), however, are maintained by the Interplanetary Space Guild, a politically neutral entity that serves all governments and plenty of private corporations as well as ordinary citizens.

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