Spaceships in the Jumpweb of the Known Universe are generally of two types: large starships capable of using Progenitor-built jumpgates but unable to land on planetary surfaces, and smaller ships that are capable of landing on worlds but unable to use jumpgates. The smaller craft, are of two types, shuttlecraft for ferrying crew, cargo, and passangers to and from the larger starships, and combat-oriented fighters designed to fight other spaceships and attack planetary targets. The smaller spacecraft are typically powered by advanced chemical thrusters that utilize fuel-saving technology to maximize the fuel supply. A variant of the shuttlecraft is equipped with robotic arms and used for mining asteroids or repairing larger ships. The larger starships when traveling in a given solar system use nuclear-fusion engines, solar sails, or a combination of the two. The starships activate the jumpgates with massive meson guns that accelerate subatomic particles to near-light speed and aim them toward the jumpgate in question. The larger vessels maintain artificial gravity for passangers and crew in certain areas by using rotating sections, though even the larger ships maintain areas onboard with zero gravity. The smaller shuttles and fighters are typically zero-g for crew and passengers. Weapons for spaceships include energy guns (lasers and particle beams), missiles (powered by chemical rockets), and magnetic-powered rail guns. The larger warships (but not the smaller fighters) are also equipped with magnetic-powered force fields for protection. The larger starships in human-controlled space (United Republic of Earth, Mantis Lords, and House Lionheart) often resemble a combination of ancient sailing ships (due to the use of solar sails) and more-recent-but-still-ancient ocean liners (due to the presence of the meson guns essential for using the jumpgates and nuclear-fusion engines). Starships in the Horsehead Empire are often pyramid-shaped or large spheres. Starships in Golem space are typically gigantic cubes.

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