Spamcan the Diesel Engine was sulking crossly in the yards. The trucks kept on singing that annoying song…

Trucks are waiting in the yard;

tackling them with ease'll

"Show the World what I can do,"

gaily boasts the Spamcan.

In and out he creeps about,

Like a big blue weasel

When he pulls the wrong trucks out-

POP goes the Spamcan!

Bear was horrified. "SHUT UP!" he ordered and bumped them hard. "I'm sorry our trucks were being rude to you, Spamcan". Spamcan was still furious. "It's all your fault!" he grumbled. "You made them laugh at me!"

"Nonsence!" said James. Bear would never do that. We engines have our differences, but we would never speak about them to the trucks, that would be dis... dis…….”. "Disgraceful," said Gordon. "Disgusting," said James. "Rubbish," finished Henry. Spamcan hated Bear. He wanted to get him sent away, and was going to tell lies about him and to the trucks.

The very next day, he spoke to the trucks.

"I see you like jokes, you made 1 good joke about me yesterday," he said, "I laughed and laughed, Bear told me 1 about Gordon, I’ll whisper it to all of you, but don’t tell Gordon I told you guys that."

"Ha, ha!” laughed the trucks. "Gordon will be fed up with Bear when he knows about it, so let’s tell him and get back at Bear for bumping us."

They laughed rudely at the engines just as they went by. Soon, Gordon, Henry, James, Emily and Pip & Emma found out why. "Disgraceful!" said Gordon. "Disgusting!" put in James. "Despicable!" finished Henry. "We cannot allow it." They consulted together. "Yes," he said, "He did it to us. We'll do it to him, and see how he likes it."

Bear had been working hard and was tired out from all the work he had done. The trucks had been troublesome and caused trouble for him.

He dropped his last sixteen trucks in the yards and headed for the sheds but the engines barred his way and blocked his entrance into the sheds. Sir Topham Hatt came to stop the noise.

"What is this about," asked Sir Topham Hatt crossly because he had been interrupted at dinner.

"HE told lies about us," Gordon snarled at Bear who was red in the face and tired.

"Me," he squeaked and his face went redder than ever and he wheesed Gordon.

"Spamcan, do you know anything about this," asked Sir Topham Hatt.

"No, sir," oiled Spamcan.

"I see," Sir Topham Hatt said in a quiet voice.

After a while, he swung round again and talked to Bear.

"You must go to Duck's Station and help out there for a while."

"Yes, Sir."

Bear oiled sadly away as Spamcan smirked with triumph into the darkness.

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