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Cast of Hecho en España

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Spanish Group Films

Template:Infobox band Spanish Group Films is an independent film company started by Nick Braica, Brian Coughlin, and RJ Loubier, three High School friends in their junior year. The group formed as part of a school project, and have made numerous short productions in the past few months. Their first production, Hecho En España, gained immediate success in their hometown of Somers, CT, and wasn't until almost a year later that they started the company and began other productions. They are currently working on their first full length film, called Bankrupt.

The Cast

The Productions

The entire cast improvises their scripts, with only a basic idea from which to go on. The movie ideas are discussed between the three members, and then acted out, never knowing what will come out. All three are involved with all parts of the production, from the screenplay, to the editing, to the directing, and so on. Most of the time, one of the three cast members will film while the other two play the scene. If all three need to be in a scene, they will prop the camera on something to provide the best view of the scene, and leave it rolling while the three act out the scene.

Others Involved With The Group

Tom Farnam was originally a fourth member of the group and filmed "Hecho" with them, but later lost interest and never became a part of the actual Spanish Group FIlms David Brzozowski was the cameraman in "Hecho", and will occasionally film the group's harder scenes when all three need to take part.

Hecho En España

The Movie

Hecho En España was originally a spanish class project in their sophmore year. The movie is about a talkshow, Hecho En España (which means "Made in Spain"), with the host being Alfonso Jones (Tom Farnam). The guest on the show was chef Pablo Peladilla (Coughlin), with his hilarious "sidekick" Antonio Banderas (Loubier). The show moves on with an interview with Peladilla, and goes into a hilarious clip of Seinfeld, and then later a horror movie, which ended up being the group's first short production, "The Krispy Kreme Killer." The movie includes two hilarious ads, one for Citi bank and another for Dunkin Donuts. The movie was accepted as a wonderfully funny production, and immediately the trio was thrusted into the world of movie making.

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