Spark-bot is a robot with a trans-Turing intelligence; or, the subset of those with a spark-based intelligence. Contrast with code-bot.

The only trans-Turing intelligence technology used in the world of Softwired is the spark. This provides an infinitely-parallel hardware substrate, on which an infinite-hash neural net is usually implemented. In contrast, code-bot intelligences are finitely-parallel, being more comparable to real-world software and hardware.

A disembodied spark, like the Third Spark, is not a spark-bot because she is not a bot.

All sparks provide a fixed(though infinite) processing power, and either are sentient, or will become so. Their effective processing power is limited by bandwidth.

The Third Spark has several spark-bots, known as "elites", beneath her; beneath them are a vast army of code-bots.

Almost every sentient in the River Resistance is a spark-bot, with a few code-bots.

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