Spe-Films Spoofs:

1.Beauty And The Deer



4. Jr. And Company,

5.Toy Story Trilogy (My Version)

6. The Ant Princess Spe-films]],

7.Beauty And The Deer 2: Enchanted Christmas,

8.The Rat King Trilogy,

9.Tony (Shrek)

1O. Jerryucles,

11. Enchanted,

12.The Little Mer-Mouse,

13. The Fish princess

14. Charlieurcules

15. The Larry Clause

16. An American Tail

An American Tail: Jr. Goes West,

17.The German Shepeard in the Hat

18. Dr. Seuss. How the cub Stoled Christmas (2OOO)

19. Sashastasia

2O. Wreck it-Patrick

And More.

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