Special Attractions is a fan-fiction US Thomas VHS/DVD release. It features three Season 3 episodes and one Season 4 episode narrated by George Carlin, two Season 5 episodes and one Season 6 episode narrated by Alec Baldwin, three Season 7 episodes, one Season 8 episode and one Season 10 episode narrated by Michael Brandon.


  1. Gordon and the Famous Visitor (George Carlin)
  2. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon (George Carlin)
  3. Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party (George Carlin)
  4. Special Attraction (George Carlin)
  5. Make Someone Happy (Alec Baldwin)
  6. Happy Ever After (Alec Baldwin)
  7. James and the Red Balloon (Alec Baldwin)
  8. Hooray For Thomas (Michael Brandon)
  9. The Runaway Elephant (Michael Brandon)
  10. Best Dressed Engine (Michael Brandon)
  11. Thomas and The Circus (Micheal Brandon)
  12. Percy and the Carnival (Michael Brandon)


  1. The Red Balloon
  2. 5 New Engines In The Shed
  3. Engine Roll Call

Bonus Features

  • DVD Game: James' Connect the Dots
  • Bonus Episode: Thomas Meets The Queen
  • Read-Along Story: Hooray For Thomas
  • Character Gallery


  • Narrated by Geroge Carlin, Alec Baldwin and Michael Brandon.
  • The Season 8 intro, engines puffing by sequence (2004-2008) and Season 8 outro are used together.
  • Hooray for Thomas, The Runaway Elephant and Best Dressed Engine have the original music.

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Top: Gordon and Toby
  • Bottom: Bertie and Trevor from "Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party"

Back Cover

  • Thomas and the Dragon from "Thomas, Percy and the Dragon"
  • Thomas, James and the Red Balloon from "James and the Red Balloon.

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