Special Items

This is the list of all the special items of W.S.S

The Maraurders Map(W.S.S version)

It contains a full view of where they study.

Commonplace book

It keeps all their secrets.

The One Tome

The centre of all intelect.

The Leader´s blade

The master weapon of the current leader of W.S.S. It prevents mutiny and betrayal in the organisation.

The Golden Arrow

The one and only ammunition which can destory absolutely anything.

W.S.S Crytpex

A new piece of technology which is used to store all rare items.


The MINDSTORMS is a group of pieces that when connected correctly can make a machine that exchanges messages.

Current Weapons

1 composite longbow, 1 metal blade, 1 practice longbow, 1 power crossbow,

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