Special prizes are items that are very popular in the real world. Only hard-working and lucky people will have a chance to find a special prize, as special prizes can only be found from volcanoes or ruins. Currently the special prizes range to gift certificates to iPods and a portable DVD player.

Finding a special prize in the game is extremely rare; only 75 players have found a special prize ever since the game has debuted. The first two winners found an iPod; 73 players have found an gift certificate. The total was worth $525 USD.

Prizes are also rewarded when the player has referred a certain number of people. For the 20th, 50th, and 100th the player earns an Gift Certificate ($5, $10, or $20 respectively). For the player's 250th valid referral they are given an iPod Shuffle. The 500th referral earns an iPod Nano, and the 1000th referral wins a portable DVD player.

Referring other people is not required to acquire additional moves or get paid. It is completely optional.

The Admin has stated that there is still an Ipod hidden at some very remote location, and that every time someone finds a gift certificate, a new one is placed on the board.

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