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Here you can view all the important technology that the crew of the USS Angel have either used or faced off against in battle some of them are self explanatory others have more detail added after them. This isn't your average armory though don't expect to find phaser rifles listed here most of the following have seen use on the USS Firebreather but mainly on the USS Angel.

Cargobay 1

Cargobay 1 is where Force Colonel Emily Sullivan develops her anti-borg technology which considering that she is an ex borg is quite useful. However all of these weapons are experimental and are only used in really bad situations

EMP pistol/rifle

This is a weapon that as the name suggests emits an blast of electro- magnetic energy when fired. the blast is focused into a beam it effectively short circuits a borg drone and can be used as a burst fire weapon.

Tri-beam pistol/rifle

Another weapon this time designed to negate the borgs ability to adapt to phaser frequencies the weapons has 3 barrels each of which fires a separate phaser beam and each beam is set on its own individual frequency thus 3 shots on different frequencies are fired at the drone at exactly the same time.

Anti-Borg Katana

Originally a gift to Force Colonel Sullivan from Colonel Nicleson it is now standard issue for all USS Angel crew. The hilt of the Katana contains an electro magnetic charger which charges the blade with electro magnetic energy, this enables the wielder of the blade to further exploit the Borg's fatal flaw, they can't adapt to melee attacks.


Not an anti-borg piece of equipment, it is basically a weapon that is essentially a mobile phaser bank. It can be carried by a single person but is usually divided between 3 people in order for speed to be maintained.

At56 Torpedoes

Developed by the then Commander Bertus Hansman (Now Commodore Bertus Hansman) the torpedoes contain a highly unstable chemical that explodes on impact with the enemy this is an explosion capable of severely damaging enemy ships. Fortunately they are not mass produced only 2 ships are supplied with them as well as 1 installation.


This is Captain Mark Sullivans shuttle it is a delta flyer shuttle class and due to its pilot being a temporal investigations officer the shuttle is installed with a temporal vortex generator that allows the shuttle to travel between time periods.

Technology gained from Chimera

Chimera has allowed the USS Angel to use technology from other factions.

Cloaking Bands and Phase Cloaking Bands

The principle of these devices is to make the wearer invisible, this is achiveed but under the original cloaking band the wearer still has a physical presence, hence why the phase cloaking band allows the wearer to appear like a ghost in the sense that people and things can pass through them as long as the band is active.


The Ember is the name given to the Romulan Scout ship that Force Colonel Sullivan and the special ops team acquired just after the USS Firebreather entered Pathfinder Alliance, they weren't allowed to use it until a few months later though when H'Daen agreed to let them have it this was the beginning of Chimera.

Enemy Technology =

This is a list of technology that the USS Angel has come up against

Nemesis Drone Programming

A borg drone altered in appearance and programming, it is designed to be able to look like the person it is programmed to kill, these have been encountered by Force Colonel Sullivan and Colonel Nicleson, the Drone is programmed to be capable of matching and countering every fighting style of the target.

Mystic Blade

A balde wielded by Britios and Michael the blade glows on and off when in use it effectively blinds the opponent forcing them to use their other senses to anticipate the mystic wielding the blade thus putting them at a huge disadvantage.

Aegis Cannon

This is a Phy'G weapon developed using the Aegis Particle (A particle similar to the Omega particle but slightly more unstable) the weapon focuses the energy of the particle into a highly charged focused beam that is so powerful it can destroy a planet, luckily due to the rareity of the particle which is believed to exist mainly in the Gamma Quadrant it doesn't usually bother the Federation.

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