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Welcome to a Professional Resource for Speech Language Pathologists


This Wiki is intended as a means to aggregate professionally relevant information for all Speech Language Pathologists (SLP). It is not intended as a research tool, a place for publishing research or a forum for peer review of such. The goal is to disseminate information to professionals and the general public in a medium that is accessible almost anywhere and which will grow and change with advances in the field.

Information for Professionals

Professional Organisations

This includes organisations like ASHA Speech Pathology Australia etc.


Information on assessments/tests relevant to speech pathology

Speech Pathology Assessments

Therapy Resources

Information on Therapy resources aimed at speech pathologists

Therapy Resources

Professional Contacts

Other SLP's and relevant health professionals, agencies and educational institutions

Speech & Language Pathology Jobs

Information for the General Public

Speech Pathology Services

What exactly it is we do

What is a speech pathologist and what do they do?


General information on speech/language/dysphagia disorders aimed at the public


We aim to aggregate information from professionals and non professionals. Expert articles are especially welcome.

How can you help?

Are you a speech pathologist or a speech pathology student? Click on the links in this wiki and to clean up and add articles where you can. If you've had some experience using wikis, well and good. If you haven't even just pasting unformatted text in will be greatly appreciated. Don't worry about how it looks, we'll clean it up later! Your ideas are welcome and don't worry, you can't break anything!

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