"Speed Buster"
Tiny Toon Adventures episode
The Poster for Speed Buster.
Episode no. Episode 5
Written by Steven Spelberg
Original air date May 17, 2008
Episode chronology
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"The Rabbit Strangler"
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"You May Now Kiss the...Er...Skunk"

Speed Buster is a Hour-long Episode of Tiny Toon Adventures which aired on May 17th 2008.

The Episode is a Parody of the series Speed Racer, This episode is based on no paticler Speed Racer Episode.Severel Tiny Toon Adventures characters are re-cast into the roles.


Buster,Babs,Plucky,Sherly,Hamton and Fifi are on the run from Elmyra however all six of them are capcherd and locked up in Elmyras Basemant so they deside to entertain themselves Hamton sergests that they shuod cleen up but thay dont like that idia Sherly desides to talk about the day she was born, but Buster qweeckly desides to tell his friends his own episode of Speed Racer.

It starts in callafornia and we are introduced to Speed Racer(Buster) a top ten racer wive a 200MPH car called The Mach 5 a car desined by his father Pops Racer(Hamton).Speed lives in a Summer House on a hill by the sea with his little brother Spritle(Plucky) Spritles pet monky Chim Chim(Furrball) and speeds mother Mom Racer(Fifi) Speeds biggest rivel is Racer X(Montana Max) who is always tring to beet Speed in a Race.


  • Buster Bunny as Speed Racer.
  • Plucky Duck as Spritle Racer.
  • Furrball as Chim Chim.
  • Hamton J Pig as Pops Racer.
  • Fifi La Fume as Mom Racer.
  • Babs Bunny as Trixie.
  • Calamity Cayotie as Sparky.
  • Montana Max as Racer X.
  • Elmyra Duff as Minx.
  • Roderick Rat as Snake Oiler.
  • Danforth Duck as Curly Taylor.
  • Rebella Rat as Sandy.
  • Arnold the Pit Ball as Knucles.
  • Little Beeper as Rench.
  • Jhonny Pew as Ace Duce.
  • Bimbette Skunk as Amanda.
  • Dizzy Devil as Tom Terner.
  • Sherly the Loon as Diane Spencer.
  • Ennie the Dumb Van as the mail truck.

Animaniacs Gests

Some cast from Animaniacs are playing characters in this episode

  • Yakko as Mike Zoom.
  • Wakko as Mark Zoom.
  • Dot as Martha Zoom.
  • Brain as Racer Z.
  • Pinky as Racer Y.
  • Chickin Boo as The Pezza Guy.
  • The Mime as The Popcorn Guy.
  • The Goodfethers as The Raceing Announcers.
  • Slappy Squirrel as The Cat Lady.



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