• Speed Racer as Sonic
  • Young Speed Racer as Antoine
  • Trixie as Cream
  • Racer X as Tails
  • Taejo Togokahn as Charmy Bee
  • Pops Racer as King Acorn
  • Mom Racer as Princess Sally Acorn
  • Rex Racer as Cheese
  • Spritle Racer as Omochao
  • Sparky as Chris
  • Kenzie and Willy as Heavy and Bomb
  • Minx as Amy Rose
  • Inspector Detector as Knuckles
  • Tetsuo Togokahn as Vector
  • E.P. Arnold Royalton as Dr. Eggman
  • Mr. Musha as Silver
  • Ben Burns as Ari
  • Cruncher Block as Shadow
  • Jack "Cannonball" Taylor as Lucas

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