Spencer and the Herring Gull

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Sir Ralph Wedgewood comes to Sodor and Spencer thinks he's an imposter. Who would Sir Ralph Wedgewood really be?

  • Thomas
  • Spencer
  • Sir Ralph Wedgwood ( AKA Herring Gull)
  • Gadwall (Flashback)
  • Emily
  • Gordon
  • Stephan (Flashback)
  • Toby (Cameo)
  • Edward
  • Flying Scotsman (Mentioned)
  • James
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Molly (Cameo)

Narrator: It was a sunny day on Sodor and the engines are busier like bees in a hive. One day, Gordon was resting in a siding when he heard a shrill whistle and he jumped.

(An A4 pacific whistles as he pasts by with the express)

Gordon: Bust my boiler! Who was that?

Narrator: He puffed to the sheds and saw the engine, He was An A4 Pacific like Spencer but with blue paint.

Gordon: (To his Driver) Look there! There's the engine.

Sir Topham Hatt: Gordon, this is Sir Ralph Wedgwood, he was built in the Doncaster works in Britain, he would help you on the mainline. (Leaves)

Sir Ralph: Good morning to you.

Gordon: Good morning to you too, I'm Gordon.

Sir Ralph: Gordon, I've heard a lot about you. Your brother, Flying Scotsman told me you're a fine engine.

Gordon: Why thank you.

Narrator: Then he saw Spencer looking suspeciously at Sir Ralph.

Spencer: Wait a minute, I think I heard that name before during WW2. There's something different about you.

Emily: Spencer, what are you talking about?

Spencer: What am I saying is that this A4 is an imposter!

Sir Ralph: What?! I'm not an imposter!

Spencer: Oh, yes you are! You got destroyed during World War 2.

James: But how do we know if he is the real Sir Ralph Wedgwood or an imposter?

Narrator: Everybody looked at each other but none of them had the answer to the problem.

Gordon: Did you say you knew Sir Ralph Wedgwood before?

Spencer: Yes, I did and which one of us knows the past?

Gordon: I do.

Narrator: Everybody looked at Gordon and began to listen to his story.

Gordon: (Narrating) Back in 1943, during

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