Spider-Bugman is a short 5-minite movie.


Don Burtman is taking pictures when he suddenly gets bitten by a Super-Spider, He then starts to see doubles and is fine while driving home. That night he's still fine. In the middle of the night has trouble sleeping and in the morning, he becomes an evil super-villain named Spider-Bugman (Charectar) who shoots webs and beats  Ronald and Jose up who attempt to follow him everywhere he goes he even tries to kill Lenny but Nick puts an needle in his arm wich makes him return to his normal-self and remembers everything he's done. Lenny decides to takeover but to be the good version of Spider-Bugman wich Don decides that was a good dissision and Woody does too.


Big Show as Don Burtman/Spider-Bugman the villain and the main prontaginist of the movie.

Danny as Ronald.

Santino Marella as Jose. 

By: Roc.

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