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Spider-Man:Gifts & Curses
Genre Action/Adventure Drama
Created by Stan Lee
Steve Ditko
Developed by MZP
Starring see below
Opening theme Season 1 Theme: "Attack" (30 Seconds to Mars song)
Season 2 Theme: "Rescue Me"
Country of origin Template:USA
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Jay Everintgon
J.B Gibson
Location(s) Template:USA
Original network MZP
Original release September 5, 2007 – January 16, 2008
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Spider-Man: Gifts & Curses is an Virtual series created by writer/producer Jay Everington and an adaptation/re-imagining of Spider-Man, featuring a young Peter Parker as he attempts to cope with personal tragedy, while balancing school, work, his friends, and a budding romance, with his secret life as the masked crime fighter known to the world as Spider-Man. He unknownly is part of Project Renaissance is the U.S. government's attempt to use the mutant x-gene to create the perfect soldier. OsCorp CEO Norman Osborn is able to secure the contract for the project, but when crime lord Wilson Fisk gets winds of the situation, things take a deadly turn. Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D. head Nick Fury is assigned the difficult task of overseeing the project, and ensuring all goes well.


The series is an adaptation/re imagining of Spider-Man. It follows a young Peter Parker through high school, and eventually college as he struggles to balance his family, friends, work, school, and his dual-identity as Spider-Man. The overall feel and style of the series will fall somewhere between the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, the Spider-Man movies, and Smallville.

The series begins on the first day of Peter's junior year of high school. This is the beginning of a new chapter of Peter's life, as he meets his future best friend Eddie Brock, a classmate with a shared trauma in Gwen Stacy, and begins to revive an old friendship/romance with former childhood friend Mary Jane Watson.

The recently-discovered mutant phenomena has driven the U.S. government to create project Renaissance; a highly-classified project designed to use the x-gene to create genetically-enhanced "super soldiers." OSCORP owner/CEO Norman Osborn is able to secure the contract for the project, but progress has been slow in coming, and Norman fears OSCORP may lose the contract, which would break the company. In an effort to speed up progress, he enlists the services of Wilson Fisk and his crime syndicate, who provide Norman with homeless "lab rats" for illegal lab experiments. With progress still at a standstill, Norman brings in Doctor Mort Stromm, who has a plan to use insect venom as a delivery method for the serum, which he claims will achieve Norman's goal.



  • Jay Everington (Showrunner, Executive Producer)
  • J.B. Gibson (Executive Producer)
  • Shannon Hardy (Supervising Producer)
  • Robert Kenneth (Supervising Producer)
  • Bobby Torres (Supervising Producer)
  • Jamel Baker (Writer)
  • Harrison Cartwright (Writer)
  • Tom East (Creative Consultant)
  • Colby Pryor (Creative Consultant)
  • Mike Weiss (Media Producer)
  • Rich Gentile (Free Lancer)
  • Britney Gray (Editor)


Season 1

Season One will focus on Peter discovering his abilties after a spider bite and becomes Spider-Man in the fourth episode while dealing with the public; he will also try to refix his relationship with MJ. Other storylines include Eddie and Gwen's relationship, Norman's attempt to get the Renaissance serum from Fisk, Fury and SHEILD trying to stop the mutants with Spider-Man's help.

There are also guest apperances from other characters, superheoroes, and villains from the Marvel Universe such as The Punisher, Iceman, and Dr. Strange.

Season 2

The second season will have a much more freedom-like feeling than season one. It will premire in the 2009 Summer season. The season premiere will be in July, and will have a total of sixteen episodes.



During the season break, there these shorts that help gap the events of the previous episode to the events of the next episode; some are funny while others are have a little importance. In the first season, There are as of now least three shorts already released and the next one will premiere October 31, 2007.


Music plays another heavy role in the series; most episodes feature one or more songs by alternative rock acts. There is a season soundtrack coming out soon at least the same time the first season will be out on VDVD sometime in 2009.

Season 1 | Season 2
Main Characters
Peter Parker/Spider-Man | Mary Jane Watson | Eddie Brock | Gwen Stacy
Minor Characters
Robbie Roberston | May Parker | Norman Osborn | Wilson Fisk
Nick Fury
See Also
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