Spider-Man: The PS1 Video Game Crossover Edition is a crossover wiki page of the PS1 Spider-Man video game starring Timmy Turner as Spider-Man/Peter Parker and other fictional characters as superheroes and super villains.


Cutscene 1: The Exposition

Quote 1

  • Dr. Otto Octavious: Technology is a light that can cut through the darkness, then humanity conforms to a single truth, a truth based on technological progress, one scientific method, and will be UNSTOPPABLE! I Dr. Otto Octavious vow as a scientistal businessman that my duties to human kind will be fulfilled! Thank you. *audience cheers* Thank you.
  • Timmy (sarcastically): Yeah, nice words, Octavius.

Quote 2

  • Eddy: Great! My life's wrecked! I screwed it up again! I can hear Jameson's voice now.
  • J. Jonah Jameson (in Eddy's head): Eddy! You're a loser! If I have given a REAL photographer that job, I would've finally had the evidence to send Spiderman away forever! We're through, McRich! When I am done with you, you won't even be getting a job taking great pictures in cyberia!!!!
  • Eddy (in his head): Augh. C'mon, Eddy, fight it. Fight it! (out loud) AAAAAAAUUUUGGGHHH!!!! (in unison, a transformation occurred taking over his body.) *voice deepening* Can't...fight it...any longer!!!! (now as Professor Scam) Professor Scam strikes again! The innocent pigeons fall prey to Spider-Twerp! Rest steady, McRich. Professor Scam is back! And if it's the last thing we ever do... Jameson and the over-sized bug are going to pay! And I will have my day scam wrecker-upper! *evil laugh*

Cutscene 2: Choppers Down

Cutscene 3: Crocker's Here

Cutscene 4: Crocker Attacks

Cutscene 5: Get Him Officers!

  • (cutscene transitions in)
  • J. Jonah Jameson: I don't know what you're trying to pull for saving my life but it WON'T WORK!
  • Timmy: Ah, you must have woken up on the wrong side of the printing press JJ! *in unison, NYPD officers arrive*
  • Jonah: There he is officers, the kid behind the Science Expo heist! Shoot him now!!!! SHOOT HIM!!!!
  • Timmy: JJ, *cops fire their guns at him* we're are DONE! I MEAN it this time!!!! *swings out of the Daily Bugle*
  • (Timmy safely lands with a grunt)
  • (Then Edd appeared)
  • Edd: Timmy, wait! I refuse to believe that you pulled off that heist today. But I must verify for confirmation.
  • Timmy: Double-Dude! I don't have time to clear my name!
  • Edd: Just explain your side of the story to me. I'll sense if you're telling the truth or not.
  • Timmy: Wait...How did I even know you're not an impostor?!
  • Edd: I beg your pardon?!!!
  • Timmy: Ok! It's true! A bogus Spider-Dude swooped in and stole Octavious' new invention-Not me! Somebody's framing me and I don't know who or why yet! And if New York's best catch me, it just may be too late.
  • Edd: Well, I highly recommend you flee, Timmy! The NYPD is heading here at an alarming rate!
  • Timmy: Wait, you believe me?!
  • Edd: I don't need to believe...I know for a fact that you aren't lying.
  • Timmy: How?
  • Edd: For you've your super powers and I've super powers of my own. I'll get word of your innocence out. But I'm afraid it won't be much help with the officers! Good luck! (flees the scene)
  • Timmy: He's one if I had any. (then a police helicopter appeared and spotted Timmy) *gasp*

Cutscene 6: Professor Scam's Threat

Quote 1

  • Timmy: (as the chopper was falling): Hey, you gonna pay for that tower? *spider sense tingles* Uh, oh! Must be trouble! One more step and I'll trap you against that wall!
  • Lisa: Not the most romantic idea for an evening date I've ever had.
  • Timmy: *gasp* Lisa! Oh, man I'm glad to see you!
  • Lisa: Pleasure to see you too, Turnbine but you've got melee. Professor Scam has control on the jumbo-tron in Times Square, he spent hours ranting with a message for you.
  • Timmy: Professor S's horse-headed face on that huge screen?!
  • Lisa: But that isn't all of it. Francis is on a rampage over Omnitech as well.
  • Timmy: Is this some sort of villainous parade?! Time Square's on the way to Omnitech. Let's find out what that Professor's got up his glove and then we'll kick Bull-E's butt.
  • *scene transitions to Eddy on the jumbotron*

Quote 2

  • Professor Scam: *chuckles evilly* The Professor Scam continues on the largest TV in New York City! We're shoutin' out to a whole bunch of useless pigeons here, people! *chuckles evilly*
  • Timmy: The sad part about all this is, somebody'll probably give him his own talk show! As if TV executives didn't make enough bad decisions already!
  • Professor Scam: My special guest is, she's a pig-tailed blonde! You know, like some of those air-headed bimbos! *chuckles evilly* But the bug-eyed little princess has only 24 hours to live!!!! That's right! 24 hours! You know her by the name of BUBBLES UTONIUM TURNER!!!! *laugh evilly*
  • Timmy: *loud horrified gasp* (while shuddering in fear) No! N-N-Not Bubbles!
  • Professor Scam: So, if anyone out there, and I'm talking to all you tight-wearing bunch of losers! Wanna try and save the little bug-eyed princess...TRY WHAT YOU WANT! I'M BULLET-PROOF, BABY! In the meantime, The Professor Scam Marathon will continue as long as there are living lives out there!!!! *laughs evilly*
  • Lisa (In unison to Professor Scam laughing evilly): You know what this means right? Forget about Ominitech. I'll tackle the Bull-E solo!
  • Timmy: Great offer, but there's no way I can let you kick Bull-E's butt by yourself! Being Spider-Dude has given me a lot, but took a lot away from me. With great power, comes great responsibility. And a true superhero uses his powers to put others before him. Innocent people at Omnitech are in huge trouble and they need OUR help. That's why superheroes have sidekicks and allies! I won't let them down. And afterwards, it's time to put an end to Professor Scam once and for all!!!!

Cutscene 7: Where's Bull-E?

  • (Lisa swings in)
  • Timmy: Crud! We're too late! That makes two huge technology heists in two days!
  • Lisa: That leaves one question: Where's Bull-E?
  • (In unison, Francis as Bull-E charges at her.)
  • (Francis rams Lisa, sending her flying)
  • Lisa (in unison): *grunts*
  • Timmy: *gasps* Lise!!!!
  • Francis: Well, if it ain't the Turnbug!
  • Timmy: Oh boy...
  • Francis (runs towards him, grunts and the cutscene transitions out)

Episode 8: Bull-E Defeated

Cutscene 9: Professor Scam's Challenge

Cutscene 10: Face-Off

  • Professor Scam: Where did Spider-Twerp go? SPIDER-TWERP!!! COME OUT AND PLAY!!!!
  • Timmy: *pow!* TAG!!!! *cutscenes transitions out*

Cutscene 11: Into The Sewers

Cutscene 12: Turner Attacked!

  • (Cutscene transtions in)
  • *subway train horn blares in unison to a lizard-man's grunt*
  • Professor Scam: *appears right behind Timmy while cackling evilly*
  • Timmy: *gasp* Aw, c'mon! *Professor Scam punches him off the subway train and into a sewer hole* (as he got punched and went flying into the sewer hole) YAAAHHH!!!!
  • Professor Scam: Looks like you "dropped out" Twerper!!!! *cackles evilly* *cutscene transitions out*

Cutscene 13: Professor Scam Defeated

  • Timmy: Why Professor Scam?! Why did you come to destroy me?! *punches Professor Scam in the face*
  • Profesor Scam: AAAWWWGHHH!!!! You should know Twerper, the heist you pulled at the science expo, YOU'RE the weasel jerk this time!
  • Timmy: YOU IDIOT!!!! *punches Professor Scam in the face again* Think you imbecile! Get your thinking caps straight on what happened that day! I was WITH you in the crowd! An imposter of my ego was on stage! He made jerks out of the both of us, and now we've been battling against each other!
  • Professor Scam: Ahhhh... you're right, Turner.
  • chain Bubbles was holding on snaps*
  • Bubbles: *squeals in horror*
  • Timmy: BUBBLES!!!!
  • Professor Scam: *grabs the chain to save Bubbles from splashing into the sewer water* GOT'CHA! You and you're goody-goody wife are innocent, Turner. Our bad.
  • Timmy: Our bad?.... OUR BAD?!!!! I'm gonna maul you to bits--!
  • Bubbles: *screams* TIMMY!!!! PLEASE DON'T!!!! JUST GET ME OUT OF THIS DEATHTRAP, NOW!!!!
  • Professor Scam: Bummer, Twerper! You're in the doghouse now.
  • Timmy: Coming, Bubsy. *scene transitions to the top of a building at night*
  • Timmy: So, Eddy, we're temporarily partners, because after we find this imposter, it's pay-and-back time for kidnapping my beautiful wife (referring to Bubbles).

Cutscene 14: Symbiotes

Cutscene 15: The Imposter Revealed

  • Timmy: HAH! I gotta say, we look alike except that you're more of a jerk than Crocker!
  • Timmy (imposter): Whoa-hoa, man! For decades, I wanted to button that yap of yours! Finally that time has come, *transforms to Anti-Cosmo*
  • Anti- Cosmo: For you to run into bad luck! *laughs evilly while turning into a giant* Prepare yourself, Spider-buck, you're about to become like all insects...squished!!!!
  • Timmy (nervously): *nervous chuckle* Y-You think you and Cosmo would make great friends? *cutscene transitions out*

Cutscene 16: Anti-Cosmo Defeated

  • Timmy (strangling Anti-Cosmo): I bet you're thinking right now, "If only you took that bogus story to Vegas instead of my town!"
  • Anti-Cosmo: Phooey to your endless babble, Spider-Dude!
  • Timmy: That reminds me...Who's behind this?!
  • Anti-Cosmo: I'll never let the cat out of the bag! Us, Anti-fairies may be easy to stop, but the symbiote invasion cannot be defeated!
  • Timmy: Symbiote invasion?! There's more of those guys?!
  • Anti-Cosmo: You naive fool...there are more than you can imagine! The fog that blankets the city is preparing everyone in New York for the symbiote invasion!
  • Timmy: You're the fool, Anti-Cosmo!!! (punches Anti-Cosmo) Now, where are they coming from?!
  • Anti-Cosmo: Oh, if you must know...they're coming...from the waterfront warehouse 65; a secret passage. Oh, I wish I could watch them destroy you.
  • Timmy: Whoever your boss is, he's MAD! No one can control the symbiotes!
  • Anti-Cosmo: Correction-Everyone before now!
  • Timmy: Spare the details, Anti-Cosmo! The symbiotes will destroy everything that comes into their path unless I stop them!

Cutscene 17: Warehouse 65

Cutscene 18: The Masterminds

Cutscene 19: Him Attacks

Cutscene 20: Monster-Ock Appears

Cutscene 21: The Finale


  • This crossover edition is dedicated to Marvel Comics' Creator, Stan Lee (1922-2018).