Spike's Predicament is the twentieth episode of the second season of Cheese Sandwich the Earth Pony and Friends, and the forty-sixth episode overall. It is a parody of the Thomas & Friends episode, Percy's Predicament.


  • Sunset Shimmer as Daisy
  • Spike as Percy
  • Dr. Hooves as Toby
  • Changelings as Troublesome Trucks
  • Workmen as themselves
  • Princess Celestia as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Cheese Sandwich as Thomas
  • Apple Bloom & Sweetie Belle as Annie and Clarabel
  • Scootaloo as Henrietta


Narrator: "Sunset Shimmer the Unicorn's work in the countryside was full of surprises, but she was frightened of bulls and cows, and she remained very lazy and stubborn.

One day, Dr. Hooves brought Scootaloo to the station where Spike was grumpily shunting."

Dr. Hooves: "Hello, Spike. I see Sunset Shimmer's left the milk behind again."

Spike: "I'll have to make a special journey with it, I suppose. Anyone would think I'd nothing to do!"

Narrator: "Grumbled Spike."

Dr. Hooves: "Tell you what,"

Narrator: "Replied Dr. Hooves."

Dr. Hooves: "I'll take the milk, you fetch my changelings."

Narrator: "The drivers and stationmaster agreed. Spike had never been to the quarry before. He began ordering the changelings about."

Spike: "Hurry along!"

Narrator: "He said. The changelings grumbled to each other."

Changelings: "This is Dr. Hooves's place! Spike's got no right to poke his head in here and push us around."

Narrator: "They whispered and passed the word.

Changelings: "Pay Spike back! Pay Spike back!"

Spike: "Come along,"

Narrator: "Said Spike."

Spike: "No nonsense!"

Changelings: "We'll give him nonsense!"

Narrator: "Giggled the Changelings.

But they followed so quietly, that Spike thought they were under control.

Suddenly, they saw a notice ahead;

All animals stop to pin down brakes."

Spike: "Peep peep! Brakes, conductor, please!"

Narrator: "But before he could check them, the changelings surged ahead."

Changelings: "On! On!"

Narrator: "They yelled."

Spike: "Help! Help!"

Narrator: "Whistled Spike. The man on duty rushed to warn traffic with his red flag, but was too late to switch Spike to the runaway siding. Frantically trying to grip the road, Spike slid into the yard."

Spike: "Peep peep! Look out!"


Narrator: "Spike's driver and fireman had jumped clear, but Spike was stranded.

Next day, Princess Celestia arrived. Dr. Hooves and Sunset Shimmer had helped to clear the wreckage, but Spike remained on his perch of changelings."

Princess Celestia: "We must now try,"

Narrator: "Said Princess Celestia,"

Princess Celestia: "To run the road with Dr. Hooves and the griffon. You have put us in an awkward predicament, Spike."

Spike: "I am sorry, Princess."

Narrator: "Said Spike."

Princess Celestia: "You must stay there until we are ready."

Narrator: "Continued Princess Celestia."

Princess Celestia: "And you really must be more careful with changelings."

Narrator: "Spike sighed. The changeling groaned beneath his hooves. He quite understood about awkward predicaments.

Princess Celestia spoke severely to Sunset Shimmer, too."

Princess Celestia: "My animals work hard. I send lazy animals away."

Narrator: "Sunset Shimmer was ashamed."

Princess Celestia: "However, Dr. Hooves says you worked hard after Spike's accident, so you shall have another chance."

Sunset Shimmer: "Thank you, Princess."

Narrator: "Said Sunset Shimmer."

Sunset Shimmer: "I will work hard. Breaburn says he'll help me."

Princess Celestia: "Excellent. What Dr. Hooves doesn't know about road problems isn't worth knowing. Our Breaburn's an experienced pony."

Narrator: "Next day, Cheese Sandwich came back, and Spike was sent to be mended. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were delighted to see Cheese Sandwich again, and he took them for a run at once. All are now friends, and Dr. Hooves has taught Sunset Shimmer a great deal. She shooed a cow off the line the other day all by herself. That shows you, doesn't it?"

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