Spike Bulldog is a grey, rough bulldog that appears in many of Tom and Jerry cartoons. He has a somewhat minor friendship with Jerry and is a fomidable enemy to Tom, though he is occasionally is a rival to both protagonists.


  • Name: Spike Bulldog
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Bulldog
  • Family: Tyke (son)
  • Fur Color: Pale Gray, Light Brown (sometimes)
  • Friends/Allies: Jerry, Tom (sometimes), Tuffy, Toots, Tyke, Quacker
  • Enemies/Rivals: Tom, Butch, Topsy, Jerry (sometimes), Tuffy (sometimes)
  • Likes: Jerry, beating cats up, Bones, Treats, Tom (sometimes)
  • Dislikes: Tom (usually), whenever Tom who steal his bone or his son Tyke, Getting injured, being retaliated


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