Spike Gets It Right is the second episode of the seventh season of Cheese Sandwich the Earth Pony and Friends, and the one hundred and fifty-eighth episode overall. It is a parody of the Thomas and Friends episode, Percy Gets It Right.

For the Spike the Dragon and Friends episode, see this page.


  • Cheese Sandwich as Thomas
  • Big McIntosh as Gordon
  • Flash Sentry as James
  • Spike as Percy
  • Princess Celestia as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Dr. Hooves as Toby (does not speak)


Narrator: "At harvest time, the air is filled with the smell of fresh fruit of vegetables. The animals happily deliver their loads to market.

But one day, mist and rain swirled down Dr. Hooves's line. Spike was delivering a load of fresh tomatoes.

Suddenly, he felt a big bump."

Spike: "Bust my flames!"

Narrator: "Spike cried."

Spike: "What was that?"

Narrator: "The guard put out the warning flags, while Spike's driver inspected the path."

Spike's Driver: "The earth's crumbling."

Narrator: "He said."

Spike: "We must tell Princess Celestia."

Narrator: "Decided Spike. Spike puffed back as fast as he could."

Spike: "I've got important news! The path on Dr. Hooves's line is wobbly!"

Big McIntosh: "Ha!"

Narrator: "Huffed Big McIntosh."

Big McIntosh: "Old and wobbly, just like Dr. Hooves. That's not news! Can't stop to listen to your silly chatter!"

Spike: "Big Mac never listens to me."

Narrator: "Muttered Spike.

Next he spoke to Princess Celestia."

Spike: "Princess! Princess!"

Princess Celestia: "Not now, Spike. Cheese Sandwich, you have to collect a prize bull. He's at the farm on Dr. Hooves's line."

Cheese Sandwich: "Yes, Princess."

Spike: "But that path is wobbly!"

Narrator: "Cried Percy."

Princess Celestia: "It is safe enough."

Narrator: "Said Princess Celestia."

Cheese Sandwich: "Bye, Spike."

Spike: "Nobody ever listens to me."

Narrator: "Cheese Sandwich was carefully chuffing through the rain.

Soon, he had collected the farmer's bull, and was on his way back. The rain had made the tracks more wobbly than ever.

Suddenly, there was a deep rumbling sound. Cheese Sandwich's driver applied the brakes, but it was too late!"


Cheese Sandwich: "Holy Cheese!"

Narrator: "Cried Cheese Sandwich."

Cheese Sandwich: "We're stuck!"

Narrator: "And they were.

Late that night, Cheese Sandwich still hadn't returned. Spike was worried."

Spike: "Cheese Sandwich is in trouble."

Narrator: "He said. Big Mac and Cranky took no notice."

Big McIntosh: "Worry hooves!"

Narrator: "Huffed Big Mac."

Flash Sentry: "Fussy head!"

Narrator: "Said Cranky."

Spike: "Please?"

Narrator: "Spike asked his driver."

Spike: "Can we find Cheese Sandwich?"

Spike's Driver: "Right away!"

Narrator: "Said his driver.

Spike was nervous, but his lamp shone brightly in the dark. The path creaked and wobbled, but Spike pressed on."

Cheese Sandwich: "Spike!"

Narrator: "Cried Cheese Sandwich. Cheese Sandwich was happy to see his friend."

Spike: "I'll have you out of there in no time."

Narrator: "Said Spike.

Spike puffed and pulled, and pulled and puffed, and finally Cheese Sandwich and his driver were free."

Cheese Sandwich: "Oh, thank you."

Narrator: "Said Cheese Sandwich."

Spike: "I'm glad to be useful."

Narrator: "Smiled Spike.

It was dawn before the path was cleared. Then Spike and Cheese Sandwich made their way back home."

Spike: "Cheese Sandwich is here!"

Narrator: "Whistled Spike."

Cheese Sandwich: "Spike saved the day!"

Narrator: "Said Cheese Sandwich."

Bull: "Hmm!"

Narrator: "Agreed the bull."

Princess Celestia: "I'm sorry, Spike."

Narrator: "Said Princess Celestia."

Princess Celestia: "We must do a better job of listening to you in the future."

Narrator: "Spike was pleased."

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