Spike and His Friends' Thrilling Adventures is a My Little Pony/Thomas parody of the fan-made Thomas and Friends US video, Thomas and His Friends' Thrilling Adventures. It features two first season episodes, two second season episodes, two third season episodes, two fourth season episodes and two fifth season episodes of Spike the Dragon and Friends narrated by George Carlin and Alec Baldwin.

Note: Since this is a MLP/Thomas parody of a fan-made Thomas video, it will not go under the Spike and Friends video releases category.


  • Spike as Thomas
  • Shining Armor as Edward
  • Big Macintosh as Gordon
  • Cranky Doodle Donkey as James
  • Pipsqueak as Percy
  • Braeburn as Toby
  • Soarin as Duck
  • Dr. Hooves as Oliver
  • Gilda as Daisy
  • Apple Bloom as Annie
  • Sweetie Belle as Clarabel
  • Scootaloo as Henrietta
  • Woody (from Toy Story) as Skarloey
  • Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story) as Rheneas
  • Rex (from Toy Story) as Peter Sam
  • Mr. Potato Head (from Toy Story) as Duncan
  • Angel as Bertie
  • Gummy as Trevor
  • Garble as Bulgy
  • Ahuizotl as Bulstrode
  • Hoity Toity as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Changelings as The Troublesome Trucks
  • Filthy Rich as Henry (does not speak)
  • Fancy Pants as BoCo (cameo)
  • Hamm (from Toy Story) as Sir Handel (cameo)
  • Randolph as Duke (cameo)
  • Princess Celestia as Lady Hatt (cameo)
  • Goldie Delicious as Mrs. Kyndley (cameo)
  • Cherry Jubilee as The Refreshment Lady (cameo)
  • Twist as Nancy (cameo)
  • Everyone else as Themselves


  1. Spike Gets Bumped
  2. A Better View for Big Macintosh
  3. A Big Surprise For Pipsqueak
  4. Special Attraction
  5. Garble
  6. Gallant Old Toy
  7. A New Friend for Spike
  8. Gilda
  9. Cranky In A Mess
  10. Spike Saves the Day


Spike Gets Bumped

Narrator: "Every afternoon, Spike puffs along his route with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. First, they pass the water mill. Next, they come to a big farm. Then, they can see a bridge with a village nestled either side of it.

This is a special place. Whenever children hear Spike coming along, they stand on the bridge, waving until he is out of sight.

One day, Spike was running late. He had stopped at a red light before the bridge to talk to some new children. Pipsqueak was waiting, too."

Pipsqueak: "Hurry up, Spike."

Narrator: "Called Pipsqueak, when the light turned green."

Pipsqueak: "If you're late, Hoity Toity might get a new animal to replace you."

Spike: "He would never do that!"

Narrator: "Thought Spike, but he was worried.

Next day, Spike hurried along the path. Just ahead was the goods yard. There, on the platform, was an inspector waving a red flag.

Next, Spike saw some children. They were waving too."

Spike: "Something must be wrong."

Narrator: "Thought Spike."

Spike: "This station's for goods, not passengers."

Children: "Help, Spike, help! We're glad to see you."

Narrator: "Called the children."

Children: "Please, will you take us home?"

Narrator: "The stationmaster explained to Spike's driver that the school bus had broken down, and all the parents would be worried if the children were late.

Spike waited as the children walked down from the bridge. Then he took the children to the next station, where Angel was waiting to take them home.

When Spike finished his journey, he was very late. He was worried that Hoity Toity might be cross with him."

Pipsqueak: "I warned Spike."

Narrator: "Puffed Pipsqueak to Cranky."

Pipsqueak: "He's been late one time too many. He'll be in trouble now."

Narrator: "But next morning, when Spike came to pick up his passengers, Hoity Toity was nowhere to be seen."

Spike: "Thank goodness."

Narrator: "Sighed Spike.

Spike knows every part of his route. But just ahead was a stretch where the hot sun had bent the road."

Spike's Driver: "Careful, Spike!"

Narrator: "Called his driver. But it was too late."

Spike's Driver: "That's done it!"

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Spike's Driver: "We shan't get any further today!"

Spike: "But what about my passengers?"

Narrator: "Asked Spike."

Spike's Driver: "Don't worry, they'll be looked after."

Narrator: "Replied his driver.

While workmen repaired the road, Spike had to work with changelings in the yard. Angel came to see him."

Angel: "I understand you need my help again."

Spike: "Yes, Angel."

Narrator: "Replied Spike sadly."

Spike: "I can't run without my road."

Narrator: "Angel set off to collect Spike's passengers."

Passengers: "Hello, Angel."

Narrator: "They said."

Passengers: "We're glad you're here."

Narrator: "Angel ran along the road that runs by Spike's path. He stopped at each station along the path. Sometimes he stopped between stations to let people off closer to their homes. Spike felt miserable."

Spike: "I've lost my passengers to Angel. They'll like him better than me."

Narrator: "Hoity Toity arrived."

Hoity Toity: "Your route is repaired. I'm going to change your timetable so that you and Angel can work together more."

Narrator: "When Spike reached the station, there, to his relief, were all his passengers."

Passengers: "Angel is a good rabbit, but we missed our rides with you."

Narrator: "They said.

Later, Spike spoke to Angel."

Spike: "Thank you for looking after my passengers."

Angel: "That's all right, Spike. I like to make new friends, but I'm glad to share them with you."

Spike: "You're a good friend, indeed."

Narrator: "Replied Spike."

Spike: "And always will be."

A Better View for Big Macintosh

Narrator: "Big Macintosh was feeling grumpy. This was making Cranky Doodle Donkey cross."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Why are you complaining all the time?"

Big Macintosh: "Because I'm a big red horse and I know everything. I shall complain whenever I want. You're just a small donkey with ideas above your station."

Pipsqueak: "I can't see any."

Narrator: "Said Pipsqueak."

Pipsqueak: "Where are they?"

Big Macintosh: "Any what?"

Pipsqueak: "Ideas above the station. The sky's empty."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Like your head, Pipsqueak."

Narrator: "Laughed Cranky, but Big Mac was still grumpy."

Big Macintosh: "One day I'll show you just what a big horse could really do."

Pipsqueak: "So what can a big horse really do?"

Big Macintosh: "Not speak to silly little fillies for a start."

Narrator: "Replied Big Mac. Then, he puffed away.

Later that day, Hoity Toity came to see him."

Hoity Toity: "Big Macintosh, you'll be making one stop today with an empty express to test our new station. You can make up time afterwards."

Big Macintosh: "Why can't Filthy Rich do it? He likes idling at stations."

Hoity Toity: "You will do as you are told!"

Narrator: "So Big Mac did.

But he was still unhappy and he grew sick, too."

Big Macintosh: "I just can't get up to speed."

Narrator: "He moaned."

Big Macintosh's Fireman: "It's time for your visit to the works. Your body's clogged."

Narrator: "Said the fireman."

Narrator: "At last they approached the new station. Big Mac was impressed, but his mood soon changed. In front of him was a blank wall and huge buffers."

Big Macintosh: "What a boring view! Important horses like me should have a panoramic view where I could see people and people could see me."

Narrator: "And he kicked at the ground angrily. Big Mac was happy when it was time to leave."

Big Macintosh's Driver: "Now you can really enjoy your run, as long as your body will let you."

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Big Macintosh: "Come on, come on! I can go faster than this."

Narrator: "Huffed Big Mac."

Big Macintosh: "Sick? Me? Never!"

Narrator: "But Big Mac began to feel more and more feeble, and soon, he came to a complete stop!"

Big Macintosh: "What happened?"

Narrator: "His driver and fireman inspected him."

Big Macintosh's Fireman: "Something's broken inside you Big Mac."

Narrator: "Said his fireman."

Big Macintosh's Fireman: "Now, you really will have to go to the works."

Narrator: "Big Mac was still fuming when Cranky arrived to collect his buffaloes."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Well, well, well. So much for knowing about everything. You got too puffed up in your head, so it serves you right."

Narrator: "When Big Mac returned from the Works a few weeks later, he was still boasting."

Big Macintosh: "I am the finest horse in Equestria, probably the finest in the world."

Hoity Toity: "Come on, Big Mac, we're going to the official opening of the new station."

Narrator: "Then there was trouble, as Big Mac approached the new station, neither the driver or fireman could apply his brakes.

Something had jammed.

The driver reduced steam, but Big Mac was still going too fast."


Big Macintosh: Help me! Please!

Hoity Toity: "Well, Big Mac."

Narrator: "Said Hoity Toity."

Hoity Toity: "I knew you wanted a panoramic view, but this is not the way to achieve it."

Big Macintosh: "Yes sir, sorry sir!"

Narrator: "When Big Mac was repaired again, he took Hoity Toity to the new station for it's second official opening.

This time, he arrived safely, and everyone clapped and cheered as he pulled in. Hoity Toity spoke to him."

Hoity Toity: "Your panoramic view is here to stay, I trust you will always see through it, from the safety of your own road."

Narrator: "Big Mac heartily agreed."

A Big Surprise For Pipsqueak

Narrator: "Pipsqueak had been working in the coal yards. He was feeling bored and lonely with only the silly changelings for company."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "Cheer up, Pipsqueak."

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "Hoity Toity has told me that we must be here again tomorrow. We've just got to get the best of a bad situation."

Pipsqueak: "I'll try, sir."

Narrator: "Sighed Pipsqueak.

Next morning, the changelings started teasing Pipsqueak."

Changelings: "Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak, white and small, he's no use to us at all, around the yards he'll puff and blow, but on the hills, he's oh so slow!"

Pipsqueak: "Be quiet!"

Narrator: "Then he took the changelings to the coal hopper to be loaded up.

Pipsqueak still felt glum as he puffed up to the top of the hill.

He parked his changelings, and then set off back down to the mines. Not even the cheerful sight of Angel the Rabbit could bring a smile to Pipsqueak's face."

Angel: "What's the matter, Pipsqueak?"

Narrator: "Asked Angel."

Pipsqueak: "Nothing exciting ever happens. That's the matter."

Narrator: "Sighed Pipsqueak."

Pipsqueak: "It's just, coal, coal, coal! And changelings, changelings, changelings! I'm bored, bored, bored!"

Angel: "Excitement is surprising."

Narrator: "Observed Angel."

Angel: "You never know when it'll happen. Overwise, it wouldn't be exciting. Toodle peep!"

Pipsqueak: "It would be surprising if something surprising happened."

Narrator: "Muttered Pipsqueak.

Later, he stopped by the water fountain for a drink."

Braeburn: "Hello, Pipsqueak. How are things?"

Narrator: "Asked Braeburn."

Pipsqueak: "Boring!"

Braeburn: "Well, why not have a few spins on a turntable? You'll like that."

Narrator: "Said Braeburn."

Pipsqueak: "I think it'll just make me giddy."

Narrator: "Pipsqueak's driver interrupted."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "Stop gossiping, you two!"

Braeburn: "Cheer up, Pipsqueak. You'll soon know more about changelings than any other animal. That'll be exciting."

Narrator: "Called Braeburn.

The changelings were still grumbling, and there was more of them than ever."

Changelings: "You much too small to pull all of us. We want another animal that will be struggling up the hill all night! All night, all right, you can puff and blow, but on the hill, you're still too slow! Ha, ha!"

Pipsqueak: "S-Slow yourself!"

Narrator: "Stuttered Pipsqueak."

Changelings: "Temper, temper."

Narrator: "Giggled the changelings. Pipsqueak decided to simply carry on."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "Go to it, Pipsqueak!"

Narrator: "Shouted the driver. The changelings were still joking."

Changelings: "Too slow! More power! Here all night! Tomorrow too!"

Pipsqueak: "Be quiet!"

Narrator: "Said Pipsqueak angrily. Then, there was trouble. A rope broke."

Changelings: "Surprise, surprise! Catch us if you can!"

Pipsqueak: "Oh no!"

Narrator: "Cried Pipsqueak

Pipsqueak's driver told the signalman, and the yard foreman told Hoity Totiy what was happening."

Yard Foreman: "They're heading for the big hill. It'll slow them down, but they may roll back again, right into the village."

Hoity Toity: "Then we'll just have to stop them, won't we?"

Narrator: "The chase was on.

As they approached the hill, they overtook the changelings. Hoity Toity and Angel screeched to a halt, and waited for them near the top.

The hill slowed the changelings right down to a stand still. Then the men quickly put wooden blocks behind their feet so they couldn't roll backwards. The changelings were now secured.

Just then, Pipsqueak arrived."

Angel: "Well, what do you think of that?"

Narrator: "Joked Angel."

Angel: "A good chase is always exciting."

Pipsqueak: "It was certainly a surprise."

Narrator: "Decided Pipsqueak."

Pipsqueak: "And you were right, Angel. A really useful filly should never be surprised by surprise."

Special Attraction

Narrator: "Braeburn the Earth Pony was very excited. He was holding a brand-new bell that shone like gold. He was off to the seaside. His driver was explaining everything as they traveled along."

Braeburn's Driver: "There's a seaside village near here. And every year, they have a big parade, with a special attraction for all the visitors.

This year, Braeburn, you're the special attraction."

Braeburn: "Thank you, sir,"

Narrator: "Said Braeburn."

Braeburn: "But what does a special attraction do?"

Braeburn's Driver: "Oh, just smiles and whistles at everyone."

Narrator: "Replied his driver."

Braeburn's Driver: "We're almost there. Listen, you can hear the seagulls."

Narrator: "Soon, they reached the little station by the village, but instead of a big welcome, there was just one man.

He whispered to Braeburn's driver and turned sadly away."

Braeburn's Driver: "Well, if that doesn't take the biscuit!"

Narrator: "Said Braeburn's driver."

Braeburn's Driver: "They've run out of room in the parade and don't need a special attraction after all. We've got to go home, Braeburn. I'm sorry, old boy."

Braeburn: "Eh, so am I."

Narrator: "Sighed Braeburn.

Pispqueak was arranging things in the yard. He didn't expect to see Braeburn."

Pipsqueak: "What are you doing back so soon?"

Narrator: "Before Braeburn could reply, Hoity Toity arrived."

Hoity Toity: "Leave these changelings here, Pipsqueak. There's an emergency at the harbor."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "Come on, Pipsqueak,"

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "This will be trouble with Ahuizotl!"

Pipsqueak: "Who's Ahuizotl?"

Narrator: "Wondered Pipsqueak.

He was still surprised about Braeburn, and now he had two puzzles to sort out. His driver explained."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "Ahuizotl is a disagreeable creature. He never stops complaining."

Narrator: "His driver was right about Ahuizotl. Today, the creature was more bad-tempered than ever."

Ahuizotl: "Come on, come on, (hiccup) why aren't you changelings where you should be?"

Changelings: "There's no animal, and we can only go where we're put!"

Narrator: "Shouted the changelings."

Changelings: "You're in the wrong place, not us!"

Narrator: "When Pipsqueak arrived, Ahuizotl was sulking, and the changelings were crosser still."

Changelings: "Our stone is for Ahuizotl. Please put us in a siding, so that we can load him up and be rid of him!"

Narrator: "But the changelings were being careless. As Pipsqueak was lining them up, they burst through a barrier."

Changelings: "Help! Help!"

Narrator: "They wailed.

But it was too late!"


Ahuizotl: "Oh!"

Narrator: "Cried Ahuizotl."

Ahuizotl: "I'm sinking!"

Changelings: "Serves you right!"

Narrator: "Giggled the changelings."

Changelings: "You were always barging in and moaning!"

Narrator: "It took a very long time to clear the mess.

Pipsqueak watched as Ahuizotl was dragged to the beach."

Workmen: "There you are!"

Narrator: "Said the workmen."

Workmen: "Now you can just stay here. Children can play with you all day, and at long last, you'll be useful."

Ahuizotl: (Groans)

Narrator: "When Pipsqueak got home, he and Braeburn exchanged all their news."

Braeburn: "Well, we both had some seaside surprises today."

Narrator: "Laughed Braeburn."

Braeburn: "But driver says that I'm a special attraction anyway, and so are you. Every time we go on our own line."

Pipsqueak: "What do you mean?"

Narrator: "Asked Pipsqueak."

Braeburn: "Well, all we have to do is smile and whistle at everyone!"


Narrator: "It was a special holiday in Ponyville. Angel the Rabbit was working harder than ever before.

All the animals were busy, too.

Soarin was waiting for his next journey. Near him stood a teenage dragon, but he didn't look friendly like Angel. The dragon growled as he gazed at the happy passengers."

Garble: "Stupid nonsense."

Narrator: "He grumbled."

Garble: "I wouldn't have brought them if I'd known. I'd have had a breakdown or something."

Soarin: "I'm glad you didn't."

Narrator: "Smiled Soarin."

Soarin: "You'd have spoiled their fun."

Garble: "Bah! Enjoyment is all you animals live for. One day, Ponyville will be ripped up!"

Narrator: "Soarin felt shocked at such an idea."

Soarin: "We have a friend called Angel, and he's a rabbit, but he likes Ponyville. Sometimes he teases us about it, but he'd never want to see it ripped up."

Garble: "Heh!"

Narrator: "Growled the dragon."

Garble: "I know Angel. He's too small in size to be of any use."

Narrator: "Soarin took no notice."

Soarin: "That dragon is silly."

Narrator: "He thought, as he steamed away.

At the junction, Soarin told Dr. Hooves all about him."

Dr. Hooves: "I call him Garble!"

Narrator: "Chuckled Dr. Hooves, and then he puffed happily away.

But that afternoon, when the two ponies met again, Dr. Hooves was no longer laughing."

Dr. Hooves: "Garble's friend has come."

Narrator: "He said."

Dr. Hooves: "He's rude, too! He's taking Garble's passengers home, and leaving Garble free to steal ours."

Soarin: "But he can't!"

Narrator: "Objected Soarin."

Dr. Hooves: "Garble says he can get them to the big station before us."

Soarin: "Rubbish!"

Narrator: "Replied Soarin."

Soarin: "It's much farther by road."

Dr. Hooves: "Yeah,"

Narrator: "Continued Dr. Hooves."

Dr. Hooves: "But Garble says he knows a shortcut!"

Narrator: "That evening, the ponies were preparing for the homeward rush."

Soarin: "Where are the passengers?"

Narrator: "They wondered."

Dr. Hooves: "Look!"

Narrator: "Shrilled Dr. Hooves."

Dr. Hooves: "Look at Garble! He's a mean, scarlet deciever!"

Narrator: "Garble was wearing a large sign, saying, 'Ponyville Dragon'."

Garble: "Yeah, boo, snubs!"

Narrator: "He jeered, as he roared away."

Soarin: "Come on,"

Narrator: "Puffed Soarin to his buffaloes,"

Soarin: "Let's see what he's up to!"

Narrator: "Soarin wanted to get back at Garble, but he wasn't sure how.

Then, in the distance, Soarin saw a man waving a red flag. That meant 'Danger'.

The line here crosses a narrow road, and there was Garble, wedged firmly under the bridge."

Soarin: "So this was his shortcut."

Narrator: "Chuckled Soarin."

Passengers: "He tricked us!"

Narrator: "Shouted Garble's passengers."

Passengers: "He said he was a Ponyville Dragon, but he wouldn't accept our return tickets! He wanted us to think Ponyville was no good!"

Narrator: "Soarin's crew examined the bridge."

Soarin's Driver: "It's risky, but we must help the passengers."

Soarin: "Passengers are urgent."

Narrator: "Agreed Soarin. Soarin slowly and carefully set off across the bridge. Garble wailed as he felt the bridge quiver."

Garble: "Oh, oh! Stop!"

Narrator: "He shouted."

Garble: "It might fall on me!"

Soarin: "That would serve you right for telling lies."

Narrator: "Said Soarin, but the bridge didn't collapse.

Soarin made good time, and all the passengers caught their rides.

The bridge is now mended, but not unfortunately, Garble and his ways. He never learned sense. He's a henhouse now, and his lies can do no harm. The hens never listen to them, anyway."

Gallant Old Toy

Narrator: "Mr. Potato Head would not stop grumbling. He grumbled that he wasn't polished enough, he grumbled that he was overworked. Most of all, he grumbled about the passengers."

Woody: "I'm ashamed of you, Mr. Potato Head."

Narrator: "Said Woody."

Woody: "Thank goodness Buzz Lightyear is coming home soon. Perhaps he'll teach you some sense before it's too late.

Mr. Potato Head: "What has Buzz Lightyear to do with me?"

Woody: "Buzz saved our land."

Narrator: "Replied Woody."

Rex: "Please, tell us about it!"

Narrator: "Said Rex."

Woody: "Well,"

Narrator: "Began Woody,"

Woody: "It was before you came here. Things were bad. Buzz and I had to keep the business running, or our land would have to close."

Rex: "How awful."

Narrator: "Murmured Rex."

Woody: "I tried hard,"

Narrator: "Continued Woody,"

Woody: "But my old feet ached. Buzz understood."

Buzz Lightyear: "It's my turn now!"

Woody: "He'd tell me. He was often short of strength, but he always struggled to a station, and then rested there.

Buzz Lightyear: "I mustn't stop between stations."

Woody: "He'd say."

Buzz Lightyear: "The passengers wouldn't like it."

Mr. Potato Head: "Humph!"

Narrator: "Huffed Mr. Potato Head. He had stopped on a viaduct and hadn't cared at all."

Woody: "Passengers,"

Narrator: "Continued Woody,"

Woody: "Get cross if you stop at the wrong places. Buzz stopped in a wrong place once, and this is what happened.

One wet and windy afternoon, when the ground was damp, Buzz Lightyear was traveling home with a full line; there were even passengers at the end.

It wasn't a comfortable ride at all.

Buzz's feet kept slipping, and it was a steep climb.

At last his feet gripped the ground again."

Buzz Lightyear: "The worst is over,"

Woody: "He thought,"

Buzz Lightyear: "Now we're away."

Woody: "But they weren't."

Buzz Lightyear: "Aaah! I've got a cramp!"

Woody: "He groaned.

And Buzz stopped on the loneliest part of the road.

His driver examined him carefully."

Buzz Lightyear's Driver: "Your leg gear has jammed. We need to reach the next station. Do you think you can still get us there?"

Buzz Lightyear: "I'll try."

Woody: "Replied Buzz.

Buzz did his best."

Buzz Lightyear: "If I fail,"

Woody: "He thought to himself,"

Buzz Lightyear: "The passengers will be cross and the land will close."

Woody: "Everything blurred. He was really too tired to make another limp of his legs, but he did, and another, and another, and another.

Finally, tired, but triumphant, Buzz reached the station."

Buzz Lightyear: "I'm here at last!"

Woody: "He wheezed."

Passengers: "Thank you for getting us home."

Woody: "Said the passengers."

Passengers: "We'll tell all our friends what a fine land this is."

Woody: "His driver was delighted."

Buzz Lightyear's Driver: "You're a gallant little toy."

Woody: "He said to Buzz."

Buzz Lightyear's Driver: "When you're rested, we'll mend you, so you'll be ready for tomorrow."

Woody: "And,"

Narrator: "Smiled Woody,"

Woody: "Buzz always was ready for tomorrow."

Mr. Potato Head: "Thanks for telling us about him."

Narrator: "Whispered Mr. Potato Head."

Mr. Potato Head: "I was wrong. Passengers are important after all."

Narrator: "The next day, Buzz Lightyear came home. All the characters were there to greet him. Shining Armor pushed his crane to the siding, where he was lifted onto the ground.

This was the signal for a chorus of whistles from characters large and small. Everyone was happy, and Buzz was the happiest of them all."

Buzz Lightyear: "You know,"

Narrator: "He whispered to Woody,"

Buzz Lightyear: "This helps a toy to feel that at last, he has really come home."

A New Friend for Spike

Narrator: "Gummy the baby alligator enjoyed living in the vicarage orchard. Shining Armor came to see him everyday, but sometimes, Gummy didn't have enough work to do."

Gummy: "I do like to like to keep busy all the time."

Narrator: "He sighed one day."

Gummy: "And I do like company, especially children's company."

Shining Armor: "Cheer up."

Narrator: "Smiled Shining Armor."

Shining Armor: "Hoity Toity has work for you at his new harbor. I'm to take you to meet Spike today."

Gummy: "Oh!"

Narrator: "Exclaimed Gummy happily."

Gummy: "The harbor! The seaside! Children! That will be lovely!"

Narrator: "Spike was on his way to the harbor with a load of metal pilings. There were needed to make the harbor wall firm and safe."

Shining Armor: "Hello, Spike."

Narrator: "Said Shining Armor."

Shining Armor: "This is Gummy, a friend of mine. He's a baby alligator."

Narrator: "Spike eyed the newcomer doubtfully."

Spike: "A what alligator?"

Gummy: "A baby alligator."

Narrator: "Explained Gummy."

Gummy: "I travel in water instead of roads. Can you take me to the harbor, please? Hoity Toity has a job for me."

Spike: "Yes, of course."

Narrator: "Replied Spike. But he was still puzzled.

Workmen gave Gummy to Spike, and soon, they were ready to start their journey."

Gummy: "I'm glad Hoity Toity needs me."

Narrator: "Called Gummy."

Gummy: "I don't have enough to do sometimes, you know, Although, I can work anywhere. In orchards, on farms, in scrapyards, even at harbors."

Spike: "But you don't run on the roads."

Narrator: "Puffed Spike."

Gummy: "I'm a baby alligator. I don't need roads to be useful."

Narrator: "Replied Gummy."

Gummy: "You wait and see."

Narrator: "When they reached the harbor, they found everything in confusion. Changelings were blocking the roads, and stone slabs lay everywhere."

Spike's Driver: "We must get these pilings past."

Narrator: "Said Spike's driver."

Spike's Driver: "They are essential. Gummy, we need you to drag them around this mess."

Gummy: "Just the sort of job I like."

Narrator: "Replied Gummy."

Gummy: "Now you'll see Spike. I'll soon show you what baby alligators can do."

Narrator: "Gummy was as good as his word. He dragged the pilings clear with chains, and towed them into position."

Gummy: "Who needs roads?"

Narrator: "He muttered cheerfully to himself.

Later, Spike brought Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle to meet him. Spike was most impressed."

Spike: "Now I understand how useful a baby alligator can be."

Narrator: "The fillies had lots of children. Gummy gave them rides along the harbor. He liked this best of all."

Apple Bloom: "He's very kind."

Narrator: "Said Apple Bloom."

Sweetie Belle: "He reminds me of Spike."

Narrator: "Added Sweetie Belle.

Everyone was sorry when it was time for Gummy to go. Spike took him to the junction.

A small tear came into Gummy's eye. Spike pretended not to see. He whistled gaily to make Gummy happy."

Spike: "I'll come and see you if I can."

Narrator: "He promised."

Spike: "The vicar will look after you, and there's plenty of work for you now at the orchard. But we may need you again at the harbor someday."

Gummy: "That would be wonderful."

Narrator: "Said Gummy.

That evening, Gummy stood remember his new friend, Spike, the harbor and most of all, the children. Then he went happily to sleep in the house at the bottom of the orchard."


Narrator: "Pipsqueak and Braeburn were worried. Spike's recent accident had caused a great deal of trouble, and Hoity Toity was waiting for them with important news."

Hoity Toity: "Here is Gilda, the Griffon, who has come to help while Spike is... indisposed."

Pipsqueak: "Please, sir, will she go when Spike comes back, sir?"

Hoity Toity: "That depends."

Narrator: "Said Hoity Toity."

Hoity Toity: "Meanwhile, however long she stays, I hope you will both make her welcome and comfortable."

Pipsqueak and Braeburn: "Yes, sir. We'll try, sir."

Narrator: "Said the ponies."

Hoity Toity: "Good. Run along now and show her the library. She will want to rest after her journey."

Narrator: "Gilda was not easy to please. She shuddered at the library"

Gilda: "This is dreadfully smelly. I'm highly sprung, and anything smelly is bad for my swerves."

Narrator: "Next, they tried the filly shed."

Gilda: "This is better,"

Narrator: "Said Gilda,"

Gilda: "But whatever is that rubbish?"

Narrator: "The 'rubbish' turned out to be Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, who were most offended."

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo: "We won't stay here to be insulted!"

Narrator: "They fumed.

Pipsqueak and Braeburn had to take them away and spend half the night soothing their hurt feelings.

The ponies woke next morning, feeling exhausted. Gilda, on the other hand, felt bright and cheerful."

Gilda: "Oooh! Oooh!"

Narrator: "She tooted, as she came out of the yard and back to the station."

Gilda: "Look at me,"

Narrator: "She purred to the passengers."

Gilda: "I'm the latest griffon; highly sprung and right up to date. You won't want Spike's bumpy old Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle now."

Narrator: "The passengers waited for Gilda to start, but she didn't.

She saw that a milk churn was about to be handed to her, and was most indignant."

Gilda: "Do they expect me to carry that?"

Gilda's Driver: "Surely,"

Narrator: "Said her driver."

Gilda's Driver: "You can carry one churn."

Gilda: "I won't!"

Narrator: "Said Gilda."

Gilda: "Pipsqueak can do it! He loves messing about with changelings."

Narrator: "She began to shudder violently."

Gilda's Driver: "Nonsense!"

Narrator: "Said her driver."

Gilda's Driver: "Come on now, back down!"

Narrator: "Gilda lurched backwards. She was so cross, that she blew a fuse."

Gilda: "Told you!"

Narrator: "She said, and stopped.

Everyone argued with her, but it was no use."

Gilda: "It's fitter's order."

Passengers: "What is?"

Gilda: "My fitter's a very nice man. He comes every week, and examines me carefully. 'Gilda', He says, 'Never, never carry. You're highly sprung, and carrying is bad for your swerves.'

So that's how it is!"

Narrator: "Finished Gilda."

Stationmaster: "Stuff and nonsense!"

Narrator: "Said the stationmaster."

Shunter: "I can't understand."

Narrator: "Said the shunter."

Shunter: "Whatever made Hoity Toity send us such a feeble..."

Gilda: "Feeble? Feeble?!"

Narrator: "Spluttered Gilda."

Gilda: "Let me..."

Passengers: "Stop arguing!"

Narrator: "Grumbled the passengers."

Passengers: "We're late already."

Narrator: "So they took away the churn, and Gilda purred away feeling very pleased with herself. She could now enjoy her journey."

Gilda: "That's a good story."

Narrator: "She chuckled."

Gilda: "I'll do just what work I choose, and no more!"

Narrator: "But she said it to herself."

Cranky In A Mess

Narrator: "Braeburn and Scootaloo were enjoying their new job in Ponyville, but they do look old fashioned and need new coats.

Cranky Doodle Donkey was very rude whenever he saw them."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Yech! What dirty objects!"

Narrator: "He would say.

At last, Braeburn lost patience."

Braeburn: "Cranky,"

Narrator: "He asked."

Braeburn: "Why are you brown?"

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "I am a splendid donkey."

Narrator: "Answered Cranky."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Ready for anything. You never see me dirty."

Braeburn: "Oh,"

Narrator: "Said Braeburn innocently."

Braeburn: "That's why you once needed bootlaces to be ready, I suppose."

Narrator: "Cranky went redder than ever and snorted off. It was such an insult to be reminded of the time a bootlace had been used to mend a hole in his buffaloes.

At the end of the line, Cranky left his buffaloes and got ready for his next train. It was a slow freight, stopping at every station to pick up and set down changelings. Cranky hated slow freight runs."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Dirty changelings from dirty sidings.


Narrator: "Starting with only a few, he pickled up more and more changelings at each station, till he had a long line.

At first, the changelings behaved well, but Cranky bumped them so crossly, that they were determined to get back at him.

Presently, they approached the top of Big Macintosh's hill. Heavy freight animals halt here to set their brakes. Cranky had had an accident with changelings before, and should have remembered this."

Cranky Doodle Donkey's Driver: "Wait, Cranky, wait!"

Narrator: "Said the driver, but Cranky wouldn't wait. He was too busy thinking what he'd say to Braeburn when they next met.

The changelings' chance had come."

Changelings: "Hurrah! Hurrah!"

Narrator: "They laughed, and banging each other, they pushed him down the hill."

Changelings: "On! On!"

Narrator: "Laughed the changelings."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "I've got to stop! I've got to stop!"

Narrator: "Groaned Cranky.

Disaster lay ahead."


"Something sticky splashed all over Cranky. He had run into two tar barrels, and was black from head to toe. He was more dirty than hurt, but the tar barrels and some changelings were all to pieces.

Braeburn and Pipsqueak were sent to help, and came as quickly as they could."

Braeburn: "Look here, Pipsqueak,"

Narrator: "Exclaimed Braeburn."

Braeburn: "Whatever is that dirty object?"

Pipsqueak: "That's Cranky Doodle Donkey, didn't you know?"

Braeburn: "It's Cranky's shape,"

Narrator: "Said Braeburn."

Braeburn: "But Cranky is a splendid donkey, and you never see him dirty."

Narrator: "Cranky pretended he hadn't heard.

Braeburn and Pipsqueak cleared away the unhurt changelings, and helped Cranky home.

Hoity Toity met them."

Hoity Toity: "Well done, Pipsqueak and Braeburn!"

Narrator: "He turned to Cranky."

Hoity Toity: "Fancy letting your changelings run away, I am surprised. You're not fit to be seen, you must be cleaned at once!

Braeburn shall have a new coat."

Braeburn: "Please, sir, can Scootaloo have one, too?"

Narrator: "Said Braeburn."

Hoity Toity: "Certainly, Braeburn."

Braeburn: "Oh, thank you, sir. She will be pleased!"

Narrator: "All Cranky could do was watch Braeburn as he ran off happily with the news."

Spike Saves the Day

Narrator: "Every day, Hoity Toity came to the station to see the animals."

Hoity Toity: "Hello."

Narrator: "He always said to Spike."

Hoity Toity: "Don't let the silly changelings tease you. Remember, you have important job as a special helper in the yard."

Narrator: "There were lots of changelings, and Spike worked very hard pushing and pulling them into place. There was also a small trailer and two strange things his driver called cranes."

Spike's Driver: "That's the breakdown crane."

Narrator: "He told Spike."

Spike's Driver: "The cranes are for lifting heavy things, like animals and changelings."

Narrator: "One day, Spike was in the yard. Suddenly, he heard a donkey screaming."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Help! Help!"

Narrator: "A donkey came rushing through, much too fast. The donkey was Cranky Doodle Donkey, and he was frightened. His feet were on fire."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "They're pushing me, they're pushing me!"

Narrator: "He panted."

Changelings: "On, on!"

Narrator: "Laughed the changelings.

Still screaming,"

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Help! Help!"

Narrator: "Poor Cranky disappeared."

Spike: "I'd like to teach those changelings a lesson."

Narrator: "Said Spike the Dragon.

Soon came the alarm."

Signalman: "Cranky's off the line, the breakdown crane, quickly!"

Narrator: "Spike grabbed the crane, and off they went.

Spike worked his hardest."

Spike: "Hurry, hurry, hurry!"

Narrator: "He puffed. He wasn't pretending to be like Big Macintosh; he really meant it."

Spike: "Bother those changelings and their tricks. I hope poor Cranky isn't hurt."

Narrator: "Cranky's driver and fireman were feeling him all over, to see if he was hurt."

Cranky Doodle Donkey's Driver and Fireman: "Never mind, Cranky."

Narrator: "They said."

Cranky Doodle Donkey's Driver and Fireman: "It was those silly changelings and your old wooden feet that cause the accident."

Narrator: "Spike pushed the breakdown crane alongside. Then he pulled away the unhurt changelings."

Changelings: "Oh, dear, oh, dear!"

Narrator: "They groaned."

Spike: "Serves you right, serves you right!"

Narrator: "Puffed Spike.

He was hard at work, puffing backwards and forwards all day."

Spike: "This will teach you a lesson. This will teach you a lesson."

Narrator: "He told the changelings.

And they answered,"

Changelings: "Yes it will, yes it will."

Narrator: "They left the broken changelings, then with two cranes, they put Cranky back on the line.

He tried to move, but he couldn't, so Spike helped him back home.

Hoity Toity was waiting anxiously for them."

Hoity Toity: "Well, Spike,"

Narrator: "He said,"

Hoity Toity: "I've heard all about it, and I'm very pleased with you. You're a really useful dragon.

Cranky shall have some proper feet and some new fur, and you shall have a route all to yourself."

Spike: "Oh, thank you, sir!"

Narrator: "Said Spike.

Now Spike is as happy as can be. He has a route, and two fillies called Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. He puffs proudly backwards and forwards with them all day.

He is never lonely. Shining Armor and Filthy Rich stop quite often and tell him the news.

Big Mac is always in a hurry, but never forgets to whistle to Spike, and Spike always whistles in return."

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