Spike and the Really Brave Animals is a My Little Pony/Thomas parody of the Thomas and Friends US video, Thomas and the Really Brave Engines. It features six seventh season episodes of Spike the Dragon and Friends narrated by Michael Brandon and a song.


  • Spike as Thomas
  • Big Macintosh as Gordon
  • Cranky Doodle Donkey as James
  • Pipsqueak as Percy
  • Braeburn as Toby
  • Soarin as Duck
  • Night Light as Donald
  • Hondo Flanks as Douglas
  • Dr. Hooves as Oliver
  • Lucky Clover as Fergus
  • Discord as Diesel
  • Diamond Tiara as Arry (I know, Diamond Tiara is female)
  • Silver Spoon as Bert (I know, Silver Spoon is female)
  • Woody (from Toy Story) as Skarloey
  • Slinky (from Toy Story) as Rusty
  • Mr. Potato Head (from Toy Story) as Duncan
  • Tank as Toad
  • Changelings as The Troublesome Trucks
  • Hoity Toity as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Caramel as Harvey (does not speak)
  • Featherweight as Terence (does not speak)
  • Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story) as Rheneas (not named; does not speak)
  • Rex (from Toy Story) as Peter Sam (not named; does not speak)
  • Twilight Sparkle as Mavis (cameo)
  • Cheese Sandwich as Salty (cameo)
  • Apple Bloom as Annie (cameo)
  • Sweetie Belle as Clarabel (cameo)
  • Scootaloo as Henrietta (cameo)
  • Gummy as Trevor (cameo)
  • Score as George (cameo)
  • Royal Riff as Butch (cameo)
  • Gustave as Cranky (cameo)
  • Princess Celestia as Lady Hatt (cameo)
  • Twist as Nancy (cameo)
  • Everyone else as Themselves


  1. Spike & The Search For Lucky Clover
  2. Bad Day at Castle Loch
  3. Braeburn and the Windmill
  4. The Runaway Elephant
  5. Cranky and the Queen of Ponyville
  6. Dr. Hooves The Snow Pony


  • Troublesome Changelings


Spike & The Search For Lucky Clover

Narrator: "Spike and Lucky Clover the Earth Pony are friends. Lucky Clover is the pride of the Cement Works. Lucky Clover knows all the rules, and obeys them.

One day, Hoity Toity brought Discord to the Cement Works."

Hoity Toity: "I need Discord to help for a while. Lucky Clover, please show him around."

Lucky Clover: "Yes."

Narrator: "Said Lucky Clover unhappily. He knew that Discord could be trouble.

Later, Discord was being careless."

Lucky Clover: "Not like that!"

Narrator: "Snapped Lucky Clover."

Lucky Clover: "Do it right!"

Discord: "Don't interfere!"

Narrator: "Sneered Discord."

(Cement mix falls on Discord)

Lucky Clover: "You don't know the rules!"

Narrator: "Shouted Lucky Clover. Discord was very annoyed with Lucky Clover and started plotting a devious plan.

Later that day, he pretended to have news for Lucky Clover."

Discord: "Hoity Toity wants you to work at the Smelters."

Lucky Clover: "Me? But I'm the pride of the Cement Works."

Discord: "Not anymore! Hoity Toity says I'm better than you, so I'm going to stay here."

Lucky Clover: "It's not fair. I love working here."

Narrator: "But he knew that really useful animals have to do as they are told."

Discord: (Laughs)

Narrator: "Lucky Clover and his driver arrived at the smelter."

Lucky Clover: "I want to go back to the Cement Works!"

Narrator: "Wailed Lucky Clover."

Lucky Clover: "None of the other animals like coming here, it's so scary!"

Lucky Clover's Driver: "You're right."

Narrator: "Said his driver.

Just then, the scrap fillies arrived."

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon: "Hello. Are you happy to be here?"

Lucky Clover: "No!"

Narrator: "Cried Lucky Clover. His driver was scared, too."

Lucky Clover's Driver: "Come on, Lucky Clover, we're going to escape!"

Narrator: "And for the first time, Lucky Clover broke the rules.

Hoity Toity was enjoying a tasty fish supper, when he heard that Lucky Clover was missing."

Hoity Toity: "That's not like Lucky Clover. There must be something wrong. I will send Spike to look for him."

Narrator: "Lucky Clover and his driver turned onto a unused path to find a place to hide. Lucky Clover was frightened.

So was Spike. He looked up and down the path. He couldn't see Lucky Clover anywhere."

Spike's Driver: "We could search the old mine path."

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Spike: "That path is dark and spooky."

Narrator: "Whispered Spike. But he had to be brave and find Lucky Clover.

Lucky Clover was on a siding. He ran out of stamina.

Suddenly, he heard a sound."

Lucky Clover: "It's a dragon!"

Narrator: "He cried."

Spike: "Lucky Clover!"

Narrator: "Said Spike."

Spike: "Whatever are you doing out here?"

Lucky Clover: "Hiding. Don't want to work at the smelters. Hoity Toity is going to be very cross with me."

Spike: "He's not."

Narrator: "Cried Spike."

Spike: "He's worried about you."

Lucky Clover: "Really?"

Spike: "Of course."

Narrator: "Puffed Spike. Lucky Clover felt better.

Spike took Lucky Clover all the way to the smelters yard, where he knew Hoity Toity was waiting."

Hoity Toity: "Lucky Clover, explain yourself."

Lucky Clover: "I ran away. It's scary here."

Spike: "Discord told Lucky Clover that you wanted him at the smelters forever."

Hoity Toity: "Nonsense, Lucky Clover. You are the pride of the Cement Works. I shall send Discord to the smelters, and you can go back to the Cement Works tomorrow."

Lucky Clover: "Oh, thank you sir!"

Narrator: "Said Lucky Clover happily.

Lucky Clover knew he had a good friend in Spike, and he was still the pride of the Cement Works."

Bad Day at Castle Loch

Narrator: "It was a beautiful day in Ponyville. Night Light and Hondo Flanks are unicorn fathers. They enjoy working in Hoity Toity's town. But sometimes, they longed for Canterlot, their old home.

One day, Hoity Toity called them to the docks."

Hoity Toity: "Lord Callan's castle is finally reopening. There is to be a grand celebration tomorrow. I need you to take the banners, buntings and bagpipes to the castle. Caramel, you must load them straight away."

Caramel: "Yes, sir."

Narrator: Chuffed Caramel. The unicorns were excited. Going to Lord Callan's castle would be like going home again.

Soon, Caramel had finished loading the freight."

Pipsqueak: "Where are you going?"

Narrator: "Asked Pipsqueak."

Night Light: "Lord Callan's castle!"

Narrator: "Night Light proudly announced."

Caramel: "By Castle Loch."

Pipsqueak: "I'm glad I'm not going to Castle Loch."

Narrator: "Said Pipsqueak nervously."

Hondo Flanks: "Scared the monster might get ya."

Narrator: "Teased Hondo Flanks."

Night Light: "He might."

Narrator: "Said Night Light."

Hondo Flanks: "There's no monster!"

Night Light: "There is too!"

Hondo Flanks: "There is not!"

Night Light: "Is too!"

Hondo Flanks: "Is not!"

Night Light: "Is too!"

Narrator: "Lord Callan's castle is in the Everfree Forest. Night Light and Hondo Flanks were determined to get the important goods to the castle in time. They puffed proudly around the loch towards their destination."

Night Light: "There it is!"

Narrator: "Cried Night Light."

Hondo Flanks: "We're almost there!"

Narrator: "Shouted Hondo.

But there was trouble ahead. Trees had fallen across the path. Night Light and Hondo Flanks stopped just in time.

Then, suddenly, there was a loud crash. The trailer had been hit by a landslide and come off the path. They were stuck."

Night Light's Driver: "We could take the causeway."

Narrator: "Said Night Light's driver. Hondo's driver knew the causeway was old and rickety."

Hondo Flanks' Driver: "It's too dangerous."

Narrator: "He said. The unicorns were worried."

Night Light: "We'll never get to the castle now."

Narrator: "Chuffed Night Light."

Night Light's Driver: "I'll call for help."

Tailor: "Splendid outfit, sir!"

Narrator: "Hoity Toity was trying on his present from Lord Callan when he heard the news."

Hoity Toity: "Night Light and Hondo Flanks trapped by the loch?"

Narrator: "He said."

Hoity Toity: "I'll send help as soon as I can."

Narrator: "But the hours past. It grew dark and cold, and still no help had come. Suddenly, the unicorns saw something strange through the mist."

Night Light: "What's that?!"

Narrator: "Called Night Light."

Hondo Flanks: "Is it the monster?!"

Narrator: "Cried Hondo."

Night Light: "For sure it is!"

Narrator: "Answered Night Light."

Caramel: "It's not a monster, it's us!"

Narrator: "It was Caramel and the breakdown crane. Night Light and Hondo Flanks were relieved.

By morning, the paths were cleared. Night Light and Hondo Flanks hurried off to the castle.

Lord Callan's workers were waiting to unload the changelings.

Soon, the castle was decorated. The grand opening was a great success. Lord Callan was pleased."

Lord Callan: "A splendid pair of unicorns!"

Hoity Toity: "And very useful!"

Narrator: "Added Hoity Toity."

Night Light and Hondo Flanks: "Och aye!"

Narrator: "Agreed the unicorns."

Braeburn and the Windmill

Narrator: "There are many beautiful places in Ponyville. The animals love the pretty watermill, the peaceful canals and the castle on the lake.

Braeburn's favorite place is the old windmill. The windmill is worn. It cannot make much flower now. Braeburn loves to watch the sails go around. And the miller is his friend."

Miller: "Good morning, Braeburn."

Narrator: "One day, Braeburn was collecting a load of flour to take to the market. But he was so busy watching the windmill sails that he forgot to look where he was going.


All the flour was ruined, and the miller was upset."

Miller: "If I can't sell my flour, I'll have to shut down the windmill."

Braeburn: "I'm sorry."

Narrator: "Sighed Braeburn.

Caramel arrived to put the changelings back onto the path. Braeburn was sad."

Braeburn: "What will the miller do if the mill shuts down?"

Braeburn's Driver: "It's a shame."

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Braeburn's Driver: "But we must hurry, Braeburn. There's a storm on the way."

Narrator: "Braeburn couldn't sleep that night. It wasn't the thunder and lightning that kept them awake. He was still worrying about the miller. That stormy night, the old windmill was struck by lightning.

The next morning, Braeburn chuffed carefully along his route. The storm had torn trees from the ground and the farm buildings had been damaged. Then, Braeburn saw the most shocking sight of all."

Braeburn: "The windmill is broken!"

Narrator: "He cried."

Miller: "This means the end of my business."

Narrator: "Said the miller sadly."

Miller: "I can't afford the timber to make the repairs."

Narrator: "Braeburn really wanted to help."

Braeburn: "There must be a way."

Narrator: "Suddenly, his driver saw a fallen tree ahead. Caramel and Featherweight were clearing the path.

Hoity Toity was cross."

Hoity Toity: "This storm has caused confusion and delay. Remove this tree immediately!"

Narrator: "But Braeburn had an idea."

Braeburn: "Please, sir, the windmill has been broken. The wood from this tree can mend it, and make it work again."

Hoity Toity: "A splendid idea!"

Narrator: "Agreed Hoity Toity.

Breaburn proudly took the tree to the miller.

The miller was delighted."

Miller: "Now we can build our windmill back up again. It will be as good as new."

Narrator: "Braeburn watched as the work began.

It took a long time, but as last, the windmill was completed.

Hoity Toity was most impressed. The miller was grateful."

Miller: "Thank you, Braeburn. Your idea saved my windmill."

Narrator: "Braeburn beamed happily.

Now the windmill produces more flour than ever before, and Braeburn makes twice as many deliveries to the market. He never tires of watching the sails go around, and he is very proud that the miller now calls it 'Braeburn's Windmill'."

The Runaway Elephant

Narrator: "The toys in Ponyville were excited. A new park was being built. Everyone was working hard to get the job finished on time.

Mr. Potato Head was feeling impatient."

Mr. Potato Head: "Get a move on slow coach!"

Narrator: "He puffed crossly to Slinky."

Mr. Potato Head: "You're so slow I finished first!"

Narrator: "He boasted to Woody. Woody was cross.

A little later, he met Slinky at the new park station."

Woody: "Mr. Potato Head thinks he's fast."

Narrator: "Woody steamed."

Woody: "But he's just a bossy head."

Slinky: "Better safe and fast."

Narrator: "Slinky agreed.

Mr. Potato Head drove into the station. He was all puffed up and pleased with himself."

Mr. Potato Head: "I've finished first."

Narrator: "He wheeshed proudly."

Hoity Toity: "In that case,"

Narrator: "Said Hoity Toity."

Hoity Toity: "I've got another job for you. You are to collect the elephant from the sidings and take it to the park."

Mr. Potato Head: "Yes, sir."

Narrator: "Chuffed Mr. Potato Head."

Hoity Toity: "This elephant is very important. You must be very careful."

Narrator: "When Mr. Potato Head saw the elephant, he was surprised."

Mr. Potato Head: "Why it's only a statue."

Narrator: "He said."

Mr. Potato Head: "This is an easy job."

Stationmaster: "You must wait for the trailer."

Narrator: "Said the stationmaster."

Stationmaster: "This statue is very heavy."

Mr. Potato Head: "Nonsense!"

Narrator: "Said Mr. Potato Head to his driver."

Mr. Potato Head: "I've pushed heavier loads than this plenty of times."

Mr. Potato Head's Driver: "Let's go, Mr. Potato Head."

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Mr. Potato Head's Driver: "But we must be careful."

Narrator: "So they left, but without the trailer.

But Mr. Potato Head wasn't careful. He was impatient."

Mr. Potato Head: "We'll show them how fast I can be."

Narrator: "Mr. Potato Head whistled."

Mr. Potato Head: "We'll deliver this statue and I'll still finish first!"

Narrator: "Mr. Potato Head started to speed up. Soon, Mr. Potato Head was going as fast as his feet could carry him. His driver was starting to worry. So he tried to brake. But Mr. Potato Head was out of control. He was scared. He had never gone this fast.

People waved and cars tooted as Mr. Potato Head sped by.

Suddenly, a tractor trundled across Mr. Potato Head's path."

Mr. Potato Head's Driver: "Look out!"

Narrator: "Shouted his driver."

Slinky: "Slow down, slow down!"

Narrator: "Whistled Slinky."

Mr. Potato Head: "I can't!"

Narrator: "Mr. Potato Head cried as he shot past."

Mr. Potato Head: "Whoa!"

Narrator: "Elephant park loomed ahead. Mr. Potato Head's driver applied the brakes, but it was too late.

The statue flew into the air, and landed in the lake.

Luckily, nobody was hurt.

In no time, Hoity Toity arrived. He was cross."

Hoity Toity: "I told you to be careful! You should have waited for the trailer."

Narrator: :He said sternly."

Mr. Potato Head: "I'm sorry, sir."

Narrator: "Mumbled Mr. Potato Head. He felt very embarrassed.

Mr. Potato Head was repaired in time for the opening of Elephant Park. He was surprised to see the elephant still standing in the lake."

Princess Celestia: "Everyone loves the elephant in the lake."

Narrator: "Said Princess Celestia."

Hoity Toity: "Even if it was a mistake."

Narrator: "Added Hoity Toity."

Toys: "Hooray for Mr. Potato Head's mistake!"

Narrator: "Cheered the toys. Mr. Potato Head blushed, and went a deep shade red."

Cranky and the Queen of Ponyville

Narrator: "The animals in Ponyville want to be responsible, reliable and really useful. They are happiest when Hoity Toity gives important work to do.

Cranky thinks his work is very important indeed. He is proud of his shiny brown fur and likes to look clean and smart.

One day, Pipsqueak puffed to the washdown."

Pipsqueak: "My whistle's clogged."

Narrator: "He tried to blow hard to clean it out, but instead blew mud all over Big Macintosh."

Big Macintosh: "Silly!"

Narrator: "Huffed Big Mac. Pipsqueak was trying not to laugh."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Keep your dirt away for me! I'm collecting the mayor today."

Big Macintosh: "I should do that."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Really?"

Narrator: "Chuckled Cranky."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "You'd need a washdown first."

Big Macintosh: "Pah!"

Narrator: "Snorted Big Mac. Cranky just laughed.

Soon, Cranky had collected the mayor, and puffed proudly away."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Just look at me, Big Macintosh!"

Big Macintosh: "Show off!"

Narrator: "Muttered Big Mac.

Hoity Toity came to the sheds."

Hoity Toity: "I need an animal to collect the Queen of Ponyville."

Spike: "Who's the Queen of Ponyville?"

Hoity Toity: "A leaky old barge."

Narrator: "Replied Hoity Toity."

Hoity Toity: "She needs to go to the workshops. It's dirty work I'm afraid."

Narrator: "Just then, James arrived at the library. This gave Big Mac an idea."

Big Macintosh: "Is collecting the Queen of Ponyville important work too?"

Hoity Toity: "Very important work. Do I have a volunteer?"

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Very important work?"

Narrator: "Exclaimed Cranky."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "I'll do it!"

Hoity Toity: "Then it settled. She's waiting at the canal."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Thank you, sir."

Narrator: "Said Cranky. Big Mac was delighted his plan was working."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "I'm here to collect the Queen of Ponyville!"

Narrator: "Announced Cranky."

Yard Manager: "There she is."

Narrator: "The yard manager said. Cranky was furious."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: That slimy old tub?! Big Mac tricked me! He wants me to get dirty. I'll show him. A shiny donkey like me never gets dirty."

Narrator: "Soon Cranky set off with the Queen of Ponyville.

It was a long journey to the workshops."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Shiny and clean, shiny and clean."

Narrator: "Puffed Cranky.

Then, there was trouble. The tall funnel of the old barge crashed through a pipe. Cranky was sure he'd get covered in sludge. But he didn't."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Shiny and clean, shiny and clean!"

Narrator: "He declared again.

The workmen soon cleared the mess, and then Cranky was on his way.

He arrived safe and sound, and pleased that the dirty work was done.

When Cranky returned to the library, he was very proud of himself."

Big Macintosh: "How did you manage to stay so clean?"

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "I have to stay clean."

Narrator: "Boasted Cranky."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "In case there's important work to do."

Narrator: "Just then, Pipsqueak returned from the quarry."

Pipsqueak: "My whistle is clogged again. Watch out, Cranky!"

Narrator: "Dust went everywhere."

Pipsqueak: "I did warn you."

Spike: "You'll need a washdown now."

Narrator: "Teased Spike."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Good."

Narrator: "Snorted Cranky."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "It will make me browner than ever. I'm such a splendid donkey."

Big Macintosh, Soarin, Spike and Pipsqueak: (Groan)

Dr. Hooves The Snow Pony

Narrator: "Dr. Hooves and Soarin are ponies. They deliver goods and passengers when the roads are closed by deep snow.

But Dr. Hooves thinks snow is messy and cold."

Dr. Hooves: "I'm an earth pony."

Narrator: "He chuffed one day."

Dr. Hooves: "I shouldn't have to shiver."

Tank: "Begging your pardon, Mr. Hooves?"

Narrator: "Whispered Tank."

Tank: "But I think snow is splendid."

Dr. Hooves: "Huh!"

Narrator: "Later, Dr. Hooves saw some children building a giant snowman for their winter festival.

Each time, Dr. Hooves passed by the snowman grew bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger."

Tank: "Just an obviation, Mr. Hooves, snow is magical."

Dr. Hooves: "Oh!"

Narrator: "Finally, the snowman was completed.

Dr. Hooves chuffed back to his warm cozy home.

Hoity Toity was waiting for him."

Hoity Toity: "You have to return to the mountain village."

Narrator: "He said."

Hoity Toity: "Some goods are needed for the festival."

Dr. Hooves: "But all this snow makes my hooves feel chilly."

Hoity Toity: "Really useful animals work hard whatever the weather!"

Narrator: "Soon, Dr. Hooves was loaded and on his way. The snow was cold. It had frozen the points and diverted Dr. Hooves into the station siding."

Dr. Hooves: "Whoa, shiver my body!"

Narrator: "Cried Dr. Hooves. His driver applied the brakes."

Tank: "Is there a problem, Mr. Hooves?"

Dr. Hooves: "Yeah, there is! Whoa!"


Tank: "That could been a little smoother."

Narrator: "Dr. Hooves felt awful. He thought the children would be upset about their snowman.

Dr. Hooves' driver went for help.

Hoity Toity was just leaving his office when he got the call."

Hoity Toity: "Soarin will bring the breakdown crane first thing in the morning."

Narrator: "He said.

Dr. Hooves' driver returned and told him the news."

Dr. Hooves: "I'll be out here all night."

Narrator: "Moaned Dr. Hooves."

Dr. Hooves' Driver: "I'm afraid so."

Narrator: "Luckily, the village inn had a toasty warm room for Dr. Hooves' driver. But Dr. Hooves was getting colder and colder.

His stamina had gone low, and the top of his head was covered in icicles."

Dr. Hooves: "I was right all along. Brr! There's nothing magical about snow. Brr!"

Narrator: "Tank was beginning to think Dr. Hooves might be right."

Tank: "Brr!"

Narrator: "Next morning the children saw the situation."

Girl: "Look."

Narrator: "A little girl shouted."

Girl: "Our snowman has eyes in his tummy."

Boy: "No it doesn't."

Narrator: "Laughed a little boy."

Boy: "It's Dr. Hooves!"

Narrator: "That gave the children an idea.

When Dr. Hooves woke up, he was surrounded by happy children."

Children: "Dr. Hooves's a wonderful snow pony!"

Narrator: "They cried. Dr. Hooves was so relief that suddenly, he didn't feel any cold anymore.

When Soarin arrived with the breakdown crane, Dr. Hooves didn't want to leave. He loved the winter festival so much."

Dr. Hooves: "You were right, Tank."

Narrator: "Dr. Hooves called."

Dr. Hooves: "There are some magical things about snow."

Tank: "P-p-p-perhaps, Mr. Hooves."

Narrator: "Shivered Tank."

Dr. Hooves: "Absolutely!"

Troublesome Changelings

The animals always think they are so clever
And so they like to bump the changelings around
They bump them in the sidings, they bump them in the yards
They better beware, they better take care
They better be on their guard...
Because those Troublesome Changelings will get the animals every time,
Troublesome Changelings will run the animals off the road.
They push them here, push them there, till they go too fast,
Then they push them once again, laughing while they crash...
Troublesome Changelings will get the animals every time,
Troublesome Changelings will run the animals off the road.
They don't care how big they are, to them it's just a game...
Those Troublesome Changelings, will get them all the same
Discord thinks he is so very smart,
Bumping all the changelings around the yard...
He gets them all in line, then bumps them one more time,
Now, he thinks that he's in charge.
The changelings decide to play another joke,
And Discord's plans will all go up in smoke...
He pulls and he pulls, until he breaks the chain...
On, on, on, he's off the road again!
Because those Troublesome Changelings will get the animals every time,
Troublesome Changelings will run the animals off the line.
They push them here, push them there, till they go too fast,
Then they push them once again, laughing while they crash...
Troublesome Changelings will get the animals every time,
Troublesome Changelings will run the animals off the road.
They don't care how big they are, to them it's just a game...
Those Troublesome Changelings, will get them all the same
The animals all try hard to make this stand,
Looking for a way to foil their plans...
Nothing seems to work, it just makes matters worse...
Changelings are also underhand.
They buy their time until they get their chance
When no-one is expecting it they pounce!
They push and they push until it's all too late
On, on, on, the changelings have won again!
Because those Troublesome Changelings will get the animals every time,
Troublesome Changelings will run the animals off the line.
They push them here, push them there, till they go too fast,
Then they push them once again, laughing while they crash...
Troublesome Changelings will get the animals every time,
Troublesome Changelings will run the animals off the road.
They don't care how big they are, to them it's just a game...
Those Troublesome Changelings, will get them all the same
They don't care how big they are to them it's just a game...
Those Troublesome Changelings, will get them all the same!

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