Flag of Spila

Spila is the northernmost country on the Northern Continent and the biggest country by area in the World. Its capital city is Carine City (situated on the northernmost point of the continent).


Spila is a coastal country. It has an exit to The Ocean, with coast on Escotian Bay and Gulf of Indipendia. It also has coast on the Lake Miembro. It borders Escotia, Saksjaowie, Giggshood and Maccha-Bently.

Spila is divided in 5 states (capital cities are in brackets):


The second flag of Spila (used until June 10th, 2007)


The population of Spila, according to the 2005 census, is 22.690.000 citizens. Current estimates are somewhere around 31.000.000 (due to the enlargement of the territory).

Ethnic composition (2005 census):


The first flag of Spila (used until May 28, 2007)


The historical heart of Spila is in the states of Capitalia and Indipendia. They, and Carine City, were first mentioned in 430 BC. The name Spila is found on documents in 1500.

A couple of centuries later, the Grand Duchy Of Continentia decided to unite with Spila, mostly for economic reasons and due to many Continentians emmigrating to Spila.


Coat of arms of Spila

Escotia played a very big role in history of Spila. They held half of the territory of the country. But, for no particular reason, Bedingfieldia refused to stay within the Escotian borders and the UN put the state under Spilian control. The Government of Spila saw an incredible opportunity for their homeland if they could afford it an exit to Lake Miembro and other geographical riches of today's Eastern Escotia. They did it after many bloody wars. Today, Escotians are the biggest minority in Spila.

Eastern Escotia today has one of the highest autonomy level in the 2 continents.

In 2007, with the disappearance of Maccha-Bently from the map, their territory was annexed by Spila and populated by the people from the former country of Cicvara, the territory of today's Rupavac. With this uniting, Spila became the largest country in the world. The former territory of Maccha-Bently is now known as New Cicvara.

Spila in the NSC

Spila participated 4 times in the NSC, starting from NSC2. The best position to date was 7th place in NSC3. SNT is the broadcaster of the Contest in Spila.

Edition Song Performer Final Rank
NSC2 Magija Toše Proeski & Esma Redžepova 15th
NSC3 Ruka Za Spas Saša Kovačević 7th
NSC4 Sve Je Isto Samo Njega Nema Tijana Dapčević 14th
NSC5 What Goes Around... Comes Around Justin Timberlake 12th
NSC6 Umbrella Rihanna & Jay-Z 2nd

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